Highland Arts Academy summer workshops scheduled in August


This summer the Highland Arts Academy cancelled seven art workshops due to COVID-19.   The Arts Academy then came up with an abbreviated plan, focusing on the safety of participants and instructors by planning workshops outside or online.

There are three workshops coming up.  The first is an ecoprinting workshop, taught by Theresa  Brown, on August 6th and 7th.  It will be held outside at The Mill Alley Fiber Studio in Monterey.

Donna Bedwell ,  a member of the Highland Arts Council Board, explains the art of ecoprinting.

“It’s a process  of kind of transferring the design and the images of natural materials onto silk or wool,” says Bedwell.  “So this workshop will be doing it on silk.  The participants will collect natural materials, leaves and so forth.  Through a steaming process those patterns are transferred onto the silk.  Tate Dunn right now has a display of her garments and things that she has made that are in the window of the old Highland County Craft Shop.  So if anybody wants to see kind of an example of what ecoprinting and ecodying can do, they can see that.”

A basketry workshop is scheduled for August 12th, 13th and a half day on the 14th.

“That is going to be led by Judith Saunders, and she is an exceptional basket maker,” says Bedwell.   “She’s a retired art teacher from the Virginia Beach area.  She teaches basketry workshops around the nation.”

A cell phone photography workshop is set for August 21.  It’s an online workshop.

“The instructor Elizabeth Larson is a professional photographer,” says Bedwell.   “She will share tips and techniques and software that she uses.   Then she is setting up a webpage that you will share your photographs back with her within a two week time period and she will critique them.   By the end of the two weeks, we’ll have a collection of all the participants’ photography and we’ll be able to put those up on a website and let everybody view the slideshow of images.”

At the in-person workshops social distancing will be in place and masks will be provided if participants don’t already have one.

“COVID restricted our ability really to advertise these workshops in a broader sense and bring a lot of people in,” says Bedwell.    “I think we’ve really been focused on more of a local and regional participation just from a safety standpoint.  So I think it’s a great opportunity for individuals within the community to rally around together and learn something new.  I think it’ll be a fun time, something new to look forward to.”

The cost is $150 per workshop.  You can register on line at www.highlandartsacademy.com

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Bonnie Ralston

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