Cupcakes Spread Joy

During this pandemic there’s been an effort underway to spread joy in Highland County by providing the ultimate comfort food, cupcakes.   An anonymous donor had Claire Sax of Claire’s Cake Company making and delivering cupcakes to Monterey area businesses, to help lift the spirits of employees and to thank them for their continued work during the coronavirus.

“Highland County, we have a really strong sense of community,” says Sax.   “And we’re really good when there are catastrophes or joys and this pandemic really has isolated us.  We still have the sense of community, but it’s not the same.  And I think this donor just wanted to continue to thank the people that are still working and still trying to make our community a community by providing these services.     And I feel quite selfish that I was the one that got all the thanks and the smiles and they only got it second hand, through when I would report back.  It did seem to make quite a few people happy to suddenly have a bunch of cupcakes in front of them.”

Sax has delivered cupcakes to about 14 businesses in the Monterey area.

“This person actually named it Cupcaking our Community with Confection,” says Sax.   “This person gave me free rein to do whatever kind I wanted, which was great.  So I got to explore a couple of new recipes and poor people got my taste testing cupcakes.”

Others are also spreading joy and helping out in Highland.

“We’ve got folks here that make masks and deliver them to people that are in need,” says Sax.  “We’ve got others that do grocery deliveries.   So it seems like such a hard time and a socially isolated time, but you end up seeing these little glimmers of how connected we still are.  It’s nice.  It was nice for me to be part of it.”

Sax started delivering cupcakes around the end of April and was still making deliveries into July.

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Bonnie Ralston

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