School Board Votes to Table Decision Regarding BCHS Fence

The most recent Bath County School Board meeting was on June 11th where they voted to table the decision of taking down the current fence coming down the hill near the football field at the highschool until the meeting on the 25th of this month. 

Board member Jeff Grimm went more into depth of what and why he proposed to take down the fence and replace it with cables. He said, 

“The field would still have the current fencing around it to keep the players and the spectators safe. I’ve been thinking about this since January. What really hit home with me was I was bringing somebody to the county and they said ‘Oh you guys have a prison!’ and they were looking at the school and I said ‘That’s not a prison; that’s our highschool.’ If we can make something look nicer and do a better job at providing safety and it’s easier to maintain for funds that are already’s not additional funds. This maintenance, to me, is going to end up saving us countless dollars. We only qualify for regional playoff games. As long as there’s a barrier between the stands and the officials and the players, that’s all we require.”

Chairman Jimmy Hooker shared a different perspective.

“I know many of y’all have noticed the fence around the field itself is in pretty sad shape. If we can actually make this baseball field happen where we can fix it..if we can gain parking then if we do a new fence it’ll have to change anyway. I’m really torn in between taking action now. I think we need to approach this as a whole, not just look at the baseball field as a project but also include the fence in with it. I don’t want to put in something and then we have to tear through it to begin our next phase. I don’t want to put 12,000 dollars into something that we made and then 2 months from now we take it up.”

Grimm made a motion to approve and move forward with the plan. Board member Zach Burns made a motion to table this decision until the next meeting at the end of the month. Karen Hise seconded that motion. This ended up passing unanimously across the board at 5-0. 

The school board also appointed Nicole Wyant as a special education teacher and paid classified staff for additional COVID-19 duties.


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