Bath County Health and Wellness Fair Interview

I’m here with Sarah (Sutton) and we are going to talk about the annual Community Health and Wellness Fair. Can you tell me more about this event?

“Absolutely. So, I’m here presenting information about the Health and Wellness Fair in partnership with Bath Community Hospital; the Omni Homestead is looking forward to meeting all of the public next Tuesday, the 8th of October from 8:30 till 2pm.”

Where is it located?

“We’re going to be using several of the meeting rooms at the Omni Homestead, and if you come in through the rear stairs, normally known as the watch box, there will be signage there for you. If you’d like to park at the watch box, then we will have buses and shuttles to be able to get you there and it’s open from 8:30 till two o’clock.”

Awesome. What sort of services will be at this event?

“We’re going to have various presentations running throughout the day. We will also have some services you can get your blood pressure taken, you can have some training with fire extinguishers. There will be the Bath Community Hospital taking some lab work and cholesterol, blood sugar panels, flu shots will be there. And then there are over 60 vendors all to help you make choices about your health and wellness. This event is open to everybody. But we would prefer all of our residents from Bath County because we have various people not only the Bath Community Hospital, but we have such things as various medical centers. We have the Health Department, Bath County Parks and RECs, various health clinics, dental clinics, and all various vendors just helping you make some good community health and wellness decisions.”

That’s great. Is it open to all ages as well? 

“Yes, from eight to 80.”

 And what is the best way to contact you about more information?

“If you’d like some more information then please call the Omni Homestead. The number is 540-839-3831.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the event?

“As I said, this is open to everybody. It is something we do every year; we’d love to have more of the public coming so that we can all speak and get well informed about our health and wellness decisions. Both at the Omni Homestead and Bath Community Hospital, we’re always focused on our associates having healthy decisions and it is coming up to open enrollment, so that’s how we’ve always partnered with our open enrollment providers and the same with Bath Community hospitals. So opening up to other vendors, this means that if it’s a community partnership so that even if you are not looking at changing your medical providers, you can just increase and get more awareness of what options there are in Bath County.”

Awesome. Well, thank you for being here today. 

“Thank you. You’re welcome. Look forward to seeing you all there.”

For AMR News, I’m Abby Dufour

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