Day Sponsorships

Allegheny Mountain Radio Day Sponsorship Guidelines

An Allegheny Mountain Radio Day Sponsorship allows you to support your local community radio station while also acknowledging a special day or event for a loved one, friend or colleague such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays, promotions, christenings or other special occasions or memorial for a loved one.

Length of Message - The message may be up to 20 seconds in length

Number of times the message will be aired: 5 times on any given day - twice between the hours of 6am-10am, once between Noon-1pm, and twice between the hours of 3pm-6pm, unless specific program or other time is requested (for which there is an upcharge)

Date of message to be aired - This is on a first come, first served basis and no more than 2 sponsorships will be allowed on any given day

Deadline of submission - The day sponsorship message must be submitted no less than 2 weeks prior to the day you want to sponsor.

Cost of Day Sponsorship - This is a one-time donation of $50 (or $60 if requested for message to play during a specific show). The donation must be paid in full before the message is scheduled to be aired.

Content not allowed in a Day Sponsorship message - The message may not contain promotional, controversial, or commercial messages. It can't be used to further a political, social, or religious cause, or contain calls to action, comparative language, superlatives, or pricing or contact information. Day Sponsorships are not intended to be advocacy platforms, forums, or statements of belief. The message may not form an anonymous source. Names of persons running for political office may not be announced 30 days prior to the election.

Allegheny Mountain Radio reserves the right to decline Day Sponsorship requests determined by AMR to not be in the best interest of our public radio mission, our communities, and on-air/online listeners, or according to FCC guidelines.


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