About AMR

Allegheny Mountain Radio is a network of three community stations which are public and non-commercial. They are operated by volunteers and a small paid staff. Pocahontas Communications Cooperative, the licensee of the stations, is a non-profit organization formed in April 1979 for educational and charitable purposes and to operate community radio stations. Financial support is derived from individual donations, business underwriting, and grants.

PCCC is the fiscal agent and policy setting board. The board of directors is composed of nine members elected by the volunteers and members of the station.

WVMR went on the air in August 1981, WVLS in May 1995, WCHG in June 1995, Radio Durbin in July 1998, WVMR-FM in October 2010, WDMT went on air in August 2016 and WNMP in October 2011.

Allegheny Mountain Radio exists for the following purposes:

  • To provide timely and accurate reports of local and state events, including weather, news, and community happenings
  • To provide a forum open to all residents of the area for the discussion of public issues
  • To provide music and entertainment to our audience
  • To promote the economic development and general well-being of the area
  • To train local residents to use the medium of radio to express their thoughts, feelings, and talents

Our Community

Allegheny Mountain Radio serves the Allegheny Highlands of the two Virginias. Our coverage area includes Pocahontas County in West Virginia and Bath and Highland County in Virginia. Learn more about these communities by following the links below.


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