A Special Registry For Those With Special Needs In Bath County

Warm Springs, VA – It’s important to be prepared for times of emergency, such as severe storms, widespread power outages or an incident at home, but it can be especially challenging for those who need help in day to day living. The Bath County Department of Social Services is working to be sure the county knows which residents may need special assistance during an emergency. Debbie Michael is the Bath County Social Services Director and a member of the local emergency planning committee.

“The mission if you will that I’ve been given, is to try to identify and register what we’re calling our special needs population which would be senior citizens and anyone with a disability” says Michael.

Special needs also includes those with hearing or visual impairments, limited mobility, those who have no transportation and those who live alone. Michael says if they already have these people registered, it’s more likely they’ll be able to get the assistance that they need in a more timely manner.

Registration forms are available in various locations throughout Bath County. Forms can be picked up at local Doctor’s offices, including the Millboro Clinic. Forms can also be found at the Hot Springs Pharmacy and on the community bulletin boards at local businesses.

Completed forms can be returned to the department of social services by mail or in person. The registration form is also available on the bath county website. Visit bathcountyva.org and click on county services.

Michael says the information can be returned to her at the Bath County Dept of Social Services and the information is kept confidential. She says some of the information can be shared with E-911 if authorized.

“The registration form includes a consent for that to happen, so the person that’s submitting a form would sign it, including the consent that allows that exchange, so that the information is keyed into the E-911 system and of course, that information is confidential as well” says Michael.

For more information on the Bath County Emergency Special Needs Registration call Debbie Michael at the department of social services at 839-7271 or you can call toll free at 888-823-1710. Similar planning is also underway for those with special needs in Highland County. For more information or to register in Highland, call the Highland County Department of Social Services at 468-2199.

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