AMR Local Veterans 2023

Each year Allegheny Mountain Radio recognizes local area Veterans who have served or are serving, or have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.  We strive to list the name of the Veteran, the branch of service in which they served (or are serving) and where their service took place.  Because this list was compiled over several years and by different people, some information is either missing, may be incomplete, or may be incorrect.  We invite you to look over this list and if your loved one is listed, please verify that our information is correct.  If the information listed is not correct or if your loved one is not on the list, please email that information to so that we may include all Veterans who have served and recognize their contributions.  Our immense thanks to all Veterans who have served their country.

Autry Artennis Arbogast Army Master Sergeant, Retired, and a Green Beret with 8
tours of duty in Vietnam
Wesley Barlow Civil War
William “Billy” Baxter Army in Germany and during Desert Storm
Logan Baum Army
Robert Mark Baum Army Served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia
Davis “Davy” Beverage Iraq
Luther Beverage Navy WWII
Tom Berry Served 26 years, and fought in Iraq
Ira Lacy Biggs Army Korea, Private First Class (PFC)
Benny Bird Army Vietnam
Dwight Bird Army Vietnam
Jim Bird Army Vietnam
Mark Bird Army Vietnam
Pete Bird Army Vietnam
Richard Bird Army Vietnam
Patrick Boyd Army Fought with George Washington
Travis Blanchard Sergeant 1st Class
Lester “Buck” Buchanan Army 1965-1966
Earl Burks Vietnam
Edgar Burns WWII in the South Pacific 1941-1945
Lawrence Buzzard Army WWI in France
Leo Buzzard Army Korea
Ronnie Buzzard Sr. Marines 1968-1970 Vietnam
Ronnie Buzzard Jr. 1995-2001
Ernie Cain Vietnam
Ben Campbell Army Vietnam
Brown Campbell Army
David Carr Navy
Larry Carr Navy
Dennis Cord Army
Jack Cosner Army
Gene A. Crist Air Force Korea, Earned the Bronze Medal
Michael Deweese Army Germany
Henry Dickinson Army Korea
John Dickinson Air Force
Jerry P. Duncan Army 1969-1972 in Okinawa
Robert Eisenhower Vietnam
Gwynn Evans Navy WWII
William Farris Army 1979-83, Corporal in the 1st Armor Division
Jeffrey Fertig First Lietenant National Guard
Arnold Friel Army Korea
Bill Galford Navy
Debra Rose Galford Army Saudi Arabia
Douglas Wayne Galford Army served state side
Gail Galford Army Womens Army Corp (WAC)
Harvey Galford Navy
Isaac Galford Navy
Ricky Curtis Galford Army Served with US Marines in Beirut
Dempsey George Navy
Herman George Army
Richard Goforth Navy 20 years, retired
Donald Gragg Army
Allen Grimes Army 1991 Desert Storm
Charles Hamilton Navy
Homer Ray Hager Marines Korea
Dempsey Hevener Army 22 years, Master Sergeant and Drill Sergeant
Burley H Hively Army WWII – died at the Battle of the Bulge in 1945
Billy Howard Army 1966-67, Sergeant in Vietnam
Homer Hunter Marines Vietnam
Derick Edward Irvin Army
Hugh Jackson Army 1944-46, 82nd Airborne
Guy Jones WWII
James M. Jones Army Vietnam
Carl Kelk 1983-2004
Tom Kennedy Army
Andrew Kennison Air Force
Johnnie Kinnison Navy
Daniel “Wolf” Knight Army Vietnam
Steven Lane Navy 1964-1968 in Vietnam
Addison Leech CSA 27th Infantry Conf. Army, Stonewall Jackson Brigade
He became a nurse
Kent Leech Navy Vietnam, USS Gray Destroyer Escort, & fire control
Pat Leech Air Force
Samuel K Leech Army WWII in the China Burma theater, Air Corps
Roy Landis Army
Arlie Long Army WWI
Curtis Long Army
Norris Long Navy 1966-1971 in South Pacific and Vietnam
Ben Lucacek Army 1992-1994
Gail McDonald Vietnam
Phil G. McDonald Vietnam
David Jonese Marines 24 years, retired Lt Col
Joseph Jonese Army 22 years, Sgt First Class in WWII and Korea
Lakota Jonese Marines Capt – an active duty Pilot
Curtis McKenney Army Korea
Hubert McKenney Marines Japan
Orville McMillion Army Phillipines
Grover McNeil Army Vietnam where he earned a Purple Heart
James McNeil (Father) Army Civil War Captain, captured at the Battle of Droop
and sent to Fort Delaware
G.D. McNeil (son of James) Navy Member of Theodore Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet
Norma Mikesell Navy Nurse in WWII
Ted Moore Army Korea
Steve Q Moore Vietnam 1960
Steve T Moore Marines 67-69
Wallace Mullenax Army Vietnam
Robert Niday Army Korea, telephone man in a forward artillery unit
Lawrence Parker Navy WWII
Bill Perry Army Vietnam
Butch Perry Army Vietnam (brother of Bill – they served together)
Jeffrey Price Army Afghanistan
Steven Edward Quick Marines
James Robert Army Patton’s 46th VA Infantry
Leroy Rasmussen Army Korea, Corp of Engineers, Bronze Star recipient
Katrina Shalfaunt Navy Nurse
Barry Sharp Navy 1974-1994 Operator and repairman of sonar
Charles Sharp Army WWII in France
Craig Sharp Navy Korea, Sonar DPP (technician)
Dempsy Sharp Navy Radio Operator
Derick Edward Sharp Army Iraq
Donald Sharp Navy Guantanamo Bay, Fireman
Earl Sharp Army North Africa, followed Patton into Germany
and was an ambulance driver
Jack Sharp Army WWII Engine Corp
Leslie Douglas Sharp Army Okinawa, Vietnam & Dominican Republic
Green Beret, Special Forces
Norman Samuel Sharp Army WWII in Normandy, enlisted in his 40’s
Bobbie Spurgeon Air Force Late 1970s
Marvie Bo Spurgeon Air Force
Mike Spurgeon Air Force 22 1/2 years – retired as Senior Master Sergeant (E-8)
Henry Edgar Starks Army
John Gwynn Stephens CSA Conf. Artillery Sergeant – Fought at Droop
Claude Stimeling Army PFC Air Corps, WWII
Smokey Stover Army US Army Reserves, Specialist 4th Class
Glen Wilson Taylor Marines Served 5 tours of duty in Iraq & Afghanistan
Harmon Wilson Taylor Army WWII as a Corporal, Prisoner of War in Germany
Harold Linwood Tolley Sr Army WWII
Harold Linwood Tolley Jr Army Vietnam
Thomas VanReenan Air Force Weapons and test center base
Leroy Vess Jr Nat Guard VA National Guard – 15 years, 29th Div, 116th Infantry
Matthew Wade Air Force Okinawa
James White Army WWII – part of D Day Invasion
John Ray “Chipper” Williams Army Vietnam
Lloyd Williams Army Vietnam
Buddy Wolfe Army WWII – part of D Day Invasion
Charles H Wolfe Air Force Saudi Arabia
Charles Richard Wolfe Army WWII
Junior Wolfe Air Force Korea and Vietnam
Laban Wolfe Army WWII
Richard A Wolfe Army Okinawa and Vietnam
Lloyd Woods Army
Jessie Young Army Afghanistan


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Heather Niday

Heather is our Program Director and Traffic Manager. She started with Allegheny Mountain Radio as a volunteer deejay. She then joined the AMR staff in February of 2007. Heather grew up in the Richmond, Virginia, area and now lives in Arbovale, West Virginia with her husband Chuck. Heather is a wonderful flute player, and choir director for Arbovale UMC. You can hear Heather along with Chuck on Tuesday nights from 6 to 8pm as they host two hours of jazz on Something Different.

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