Andrew McKnight Performs In Monterey Saturday September 9


Andrew McKnight will perform in Monterey Saturday evening, September 9th.  The performance is part of the Highland County Arts Council’s monthly 2nd Saturday @ 7 concert series.  McKnight is a singer/songwriter who has enjoyed a music career playing all over the country.

“My whole career I’ve darted around being labeled as much as I can,” says McKnight. “When I’m performing solo acoustic, it probably falls mostly to the folk or roots or americana genre.  I really don’t care what people call it, as long as they call it good at the end of the day.  That’s really the label that I’m looking for.”

Music Cut – Web of Mystery

“I grew up in a musical household, so I had bands rehearsing in my basement picking apart songs and doing harmonies and all of that,” says McKnight. “I started playing guitar in middle school, I guess.  I was playing in a band in high school.  I went to college for everything but music.  I was a chemistry major and got a Masters in Environmental Engineering and about four years into trying to be sort of a conventional sort of a lifestyle, music just was too much to resist.  I’d been writing songs almost since I started playing guitar, but that became sort of, really, a focal point for me in the early 90’s, I guess.  I haven’t looked back. “

Music cut – My Little Town

“I always think that songwriting is sort of this intensely personal act,” says McKnight.    “We take these personal experiences in some way, whether it’s in the first person or the third person, we’re writing some narrative about someone else.  The job is to take this really personal feeling, this unique gift that we each have of seeing the world through our own eyes, processing it in own way.  And somehow in song craft we make that universally accessible, so that the person carrying it has their own intimate personal experience in how they take that.  It’s a crazy thing, really, but to me that journey of where we go during a couple hour show is a lot of different places.  Some valleys, some mountains, and at the end, hopefully, you feel like you’ve been somewhere that was really worth visiting and you might want to come back.”

Andrew McKnight performs Saturday, September 9, at 7pm at The Highland Center in Monterey.  Admission is free, but donations are appreciated to support the Highland County Arts Council.

“Please come to the show,” says McKnight.  “I’ve been doing a lot of songwriting as part of work with Wounded Warriors.  Writing songs with combat vets as part of their processing their trauma and healing and reframing their stories and stuff.   So, there’ll be a couple of those songs in there.  There’ll be all kinds of things and a lot of styles of acoustic music too.   I play dobro and slide guitar, as well as flat pick guitar, so I’d like to think the money back guarantee will be at least that it will be better than a root canal, I promise.”

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