August 2014 Weather Report


Once again rainfall was meager for the month. In fact, this was the driest August in my 23 years of records. Temperatures were below normal.

Small rains were spread out but only amounted to 1.88 inches. That is 1.66 inches below normal or 55% of average rainfall. For 2014, this is the 7th out of 8 months with more than a one inch precipitation deficit.

From 23 years of weather records at Bartow the driest year was 1999 with 32.10 inches. At the end of August in 1999 precipitation was 23.17 inches. This year precipitation now stands at 20.93 inches. Normal precipitation through August should be 30.16 inches. That is only 69% of average precipitation for the calendar year. I hear very few people talking about the drought.

The average high temperature was 73.5 degrees which is 3 degrees below average. The average low temperature was 53.2 degrees and that is 1.6 degrees below normal. The mean was 63.4 degrees which was 2.3 degrees below normal. This is the 3rd coolest August in 23 years.

The lowest temperature was 40 degrees on August 16. The highest temperature was 86 degrees on August 30. That ties the 86 degrees on May 13 for the high of the year.

Only 4 thunderstorms were recorded. And for those counting winter snows, 15 foggy mornings were recorded.

This is not official yet but the trends look like another cold and snowy winter. Start working on the old wood pile!

Story By

Megan Moriarty

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