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Bath Board Chair with monthly report


The existing Bath County License Tax Ordinance adopted December 9, 1997 includes applying for and paying annual license taxes for doing business, performing a trade, profession, occupation, vocation, calling or activity in the County, including all phases of such conducted in the County. At the time this ordinance was adopted, the Board of Supervisors’ intent was to implement the tax when there was statistically justifiable and proven business and economic growth.

Now, more than 17 years later, in addressing codification of ordinances, the Board of Supervisors is proposing revisions to the annual license tax for businesses section to implement a $15.00 fee in lieu of a gross receipts tax, effective July 1, 2016. This proposed business license implementation and fee will enable the County to better know and identify businesses operating in the County. The benefit to business may be in developing ways to partner, share services, reduce costs and address economies of scale.

The proposed revisions to the ordinance require each person conducting or engaged in any business, trade or occupation to apply for a license and pay the fee. Application for a business license and fee would be due July 31 of each year, beginning July 2016. Failure to apply and pay the fee by July 31, 2016 would result in a penalty with interest accrued and added to an unpaid fee. The ordinance is to be enforced by the Commissioner of Revenue.

The proposed changes to the ordinance require the Board to hold a public hearing to receive input on the changes. The public hearing is scheduled for June 9, 2015. The public hearing notice and ordinance is available online at the County’s website. For more information and copies of the public hearing notice or ordinance, please contact the County Administrator’s office.

We encourage you to provide input and feedback on the proposed ordinance changes, before or during the June 9th meeting. Also, we are delighted to have people attending meetings. This has given us the opportunity to plan to hold meetings elsewhere in the Courthouse when attendance exceeds meeting room capacity. We thank you for attending meetings and bearing with us in addressing the many issues and needs of community.

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Amanda is the WCHG News Reporter. She began news reporting in January 2015. She’s lived in Bath County with her husband Bill Reagan since 1994, and has been an active AMR listener since then. She and Bill make their home between Williamsville and McClung with their daughter Catharine (16), and son Will (14). Her kids know most of her favorite musical artists, but rarely let her listen to them. While Amanda has spent a good bit of time traversing the mountains back and forth from Charlottesville, Staunton and Lexington, she is excited about getting to know the new beat towards Frost and Monterey. She is forever grateful to Bonnie Raltson for introducing her, with such care, to all of the ups and downs of scheduling stories, and of sound-editing technique.


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