Bath County Community Hospital offers Diabetes Class from March 31st through June

If you have diabetes, or are caring for some one with diabetes, a class staring Tuesday, March 31st could be helpful to you. It is offered at Bath County Community Hospital in Hot Springs and runs for four Tuesdays from one to three o’clock. When asked if it was all right to join in the series at any time, Mary Ayers, hospital spokesperson, said it is. The whole series will be offered twice so that if you miss one, there will be a chance to make it up.
The first class on March 31st is “Nutrition Basics”. Those attending will receive helpful, current information to use planning heart healthy meals and to improve blood glucose control. Learning how food choices affect blood glucose, how to understand food labeling, and recommendations for fats and fiber are a few of the topics that will be covered on Tuesday.
On April 7th in “Self-management Basics” there will be an overview of areas the American Diabetes Association considers essential to managing diabetes well. Definitions, diagnosis, target glucose goals, oral and injectable medications and treating hypoglycemia are on the schedule.
On April 14th, “Eat Smart, Change Your Lifestyle” focuses on the “how to” aspects developing new habits. Instructors will share shopping tips for healthy meals; for instance, did you know the outside aisles in the supermarket are the ones containing the whole, less processed foods? Those are the essentials, and items on the inside aisles tend to be less nutritious for the money. Other topics will be avoiding common eating traps, portion sizes and finally, setting personal goals.
“Glucose Control, Activity, and Stress” round out the series on April 21st. This class goes into depth about insulin management and uses case studies to help participants understand and interpret daily glucose patterns. It also includes discussion of how eating, activity and medication can be adjusted to improve glucose. When learning about the benefits of exercise for people with diabetes, a wellness coach will lead the group in some movement, stretching, and stress management exercises.
Tele-health technology makes it possible for this class to be broadcast from the Virginia Diabetes Education and Management Program at the University of Virginia. The teachers will be able to speak directly with students, and answer individual questions. Again the class, is open to everyone not just individuals with diabetes, or their caregivers. If you would like to preregister please call Mary Ayers at 839-7162, or e-mail her at . Preregistration is NOT required. There will be a sign near the hospital entrance letting class participants know where to go on Tuesday March 31st at 1:00.
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