Bath County HS Destination Imagination Heading To State Competition

Warm Springs, Va – One of the Destination Imagination Teams from Bath County High School is heading to the state tournament. The team of Samantha Wood, Brandon Webb, Isaac Haney, Laura Haney, and Jamie Sprouse won first place at the Jefferson Region Destination Imagination Tournament on March 12. They competed against another team in the Mythology Mission category.

Laura Haney is a sophomore who has been participating in Destination Imagination, or DI, for 7 years.

“It was a really good performance and I think we all did our best, and we got rewarded for it” says Haney. “Watching some of the other teams was a surprise and seeing how they did stuff differently than we did.”

Jamie Sprouse, a junior, has been involved with DI for six years.

“We had part of a skit already done and then we had some elements that we didn’t know about that were incorporated” he says. “So we had five minutes to incorporate that into our skit and then we had to perform it. And then we had our instant challenge which I’m not really allowed to talk about; we didn’t know what it was before we got there, so that was a surprise.”

“We have to swear not to talk about it until after Globals because they could reuse that instant challenge for another challenge. This year we’re more prepared than we have been in past years, there’s just a few things that we need to practice and get down and then I think we’ll be gold.”

Brandon Webb is a junior who has been in DI for four years.

“I was a little nervous that we might lose because the other team we saw was pretty good, but I had confidence in us” says Webb.

Samantha Wood is a sophomore who has also been in DI for four years.

“It was really good and we did our best” she says. “We did what we could that day; we probably need to practice a little bit more.”

Kim Manion is the team’s Manager.

“That was one of the best performances that I have seen them give at any competition” says Manion. “I mean they really did an outstanding performance this year. They’ve actually competed now, they’ve gotten feedback from the judges. We will sit down and look at what they thought they did really well and what they thought was weak; and they’ll work on what was seen as a weakness.”

“We also will work more on instant challenges because the larger competitions come down lots of times to the instant challenge, not your main challenge. I’m very proud of them because they really gave a very good performance.”

The other DI team from Bath County High School placed second at the Jefferson Region tournament, but they will not be competing at the state tournament. Those team members are Conner Ailstock, Sarita Hough, and Austin Tuley. They are managed by Karen Bowyer.

The Destination Imagination State competition is Saturday April 2 at Western Albemarle High School in Crozet Virginia.

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