Bath County’s New Treasurer Pamela Webb Has Been Busy With A Variety of Tasks Since Taking Office January 1st

Warm Springs, VA – Pamela Webb is the new Treasurer in Bath County. She was elected last November and took office on January first. As with any new job, Webb is learning a lot of new things and she’s having fun too.

“I really enjoy all the people coming in every day,” says Webb. “You’re just really amazed at the amount of folks that come in from all over the county. Some of them just stop in just to say hello, which is really nice. I feel like our office is probably one of the offices that has the most interaction with the public, since we do have the DMV service that is here.”

The Bath Treasurer’s office houses a DMV Select, which offers limited DMV services. Webb is coordinating the visits of a DMV To Go mobile unit, which is a traveling DMV office that offers all DMV services.

And speaking of DMV, DMV stops are being used in the collection of delinquent personal property taxes. Webb says letters are going out this week to those who are delinquent on their personal property taxes in Bath County. If the delinquent taxes are not paid in thirty days, then a DMV stop is placed on all the tax payers’ DMV registrations, which will not allow renewals. All the delinquent taxes will have to be paid in order to remove the DMV stop.

“There’s parts of my job that I don’t like doing,” says Webb. “But being the tax collector that you are, those are the parts that you have to do. People don’t realize, those taxes, they really do need to be paid; your county government has to go on. You have to have a sheriff’s office, you have to have other services.”

“People don’t realize the trash service that we have and Parks and Rec that goes on, your entertainment things out there. And public schools that we have, you know, so much of our tax dollars that we have do go to the schools and providing an education for the children that are here in the county. Those taxes that you pay, pay for a lot of things. We’re willing to work with people to get those paid in any way. You know, if you can make any kind of effort, we’re more than happy to help you out in any way we can.”

Webb’s new job has also included other work not related to accounting. She is coordinating monthly visits from a representative from the Department of Veterans Affairs. And Webb has also been working with a paint brush.

“We did paint the office, my husband and I painted that,” says Webb. “It was something that I actually wanted to do it. My brother-in-law and my sister they both helped us out, so we got the job done. Even the two ladies in the office, Peggy and Patricia, they helped me get the place cleaned up and ready to start the paint job.”

“We were just really happy to do it. I told my husband When I get my first paycheck, I want to buy the paint and I’m going to paint that office’.” So I think we really made a difference and people really come in and they notice how bright it is now.”

Bath County’s new Treasurer Pam Webb, can be reached at 839-7256.

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