Bath Destination Imagination Team Heading To Global Competition

Warm Springs, Va – A Destination Imagination team from Bath County High School is heading to the global competition next week. The team of Samantha Wood, Brandon Webb, Isaac Haney, Laura Haney and Jamie Sprouse progressed through the regional and state competitions to earn their teams’ second trip to Globals. Kim Manion, a teacher at Millboro Elementary, is the team’s Manager.

“They’re very happy to be returning again and we are very excited to see what they can do this time” says Manion. “They were pretty determined to make it this far this year, so they really worked for this. They are competing in the same kind of challenge as when they went last time, which means that you have some parameters, you have certain materials that you can use and you have some research you’ve done; but you have to go and put all that together and do a skit on the spot.”

Team member Isaac Haney is a junior at Bath County High School.

“We went two years ago and I’m glad to be going back” he says. “I think we’re a lot better off, we were definitely more prepared this year. We had the correct amount of money and desperately fundraise at the last minute like two years ago, so we are a lot more mentally prepared. I think it’s fun just going and seeing other teams from other countries; also just to see different teams doing the same challenge and coming up with different solutions.”

Brandon Webb is also a junior.

“I think we’ll actually do better this year than we did before” says Webb. “We did pretty good in regionals, not so well in states, but we did alright.”

Laura Haney is a sophomore. And there’s another activity besides the competition that she enjoys at Globals.

“We get to trade pins, because each region and state make their own little pin and each person has some, and we trade them and meet people from other places. We kind of expected to go since there’s not that much competition at the high school level so we were preparing from the beginning. I’m pretty excited, it’s going to be fun.”

Samantha Wood, a sophomore, feels the team is better prepared than it was last time.

“We’ve got a better skit, and I think we’re working better this time; I think we’re ready” she says.

Jamie Sprouse is a junior.

“I’m excited, it was really fun last time so I’m excited to go back” says Sprouse. “Pin trading, like Laura said, everyone has their own pins. It kinda becomes like its own currency; you know how much a pin is worth, so you trade for a pin of about the same value and that kind of thing. So it’s actually kind of cool to watch even if you’re not trading.”

The Bath County High School team will be at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville May 25th through the 28th for the Destination Imagination Global Competition.

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