Bath educator named Marshall Teacher Of The Year

Hot Springs, VA – A Bath County High School teacher has been selected as a Teacher of the Year by the John Marshall Foundation. Marion “Bo” Trumbo is the Social Studies Chairperson at Bath County High School and he teaches government, personal finance and economics.

“I hope to give back twice what this has given to me,” says Trumbo. “Bath has given me a lot, I want to give back twice. This award was very special to me and my family, but the idea of the ability to give back and let the community gain is probably what I’m looking for.”

Trumbo began teaching in 1974 and throughout most of his teaching career he also coached baseball. He left teaching for about 13 years and worked as a baseball talent scout and then worked for the Cincinnati Reds. He came back to teaching in 2001 when he came to Bath County High School.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the students,” says Trumbo. “With the exposure to the business world and to professional athletics, as well as the academics, I bring a lot of background materials to the classroom that say what’s important for you to know. So I enjoy seeing the students progress. Since I’ve been here we’ve had players do well athletically and academically and I think that’s very important to acknowledge, is that you can do it both ways. I was very active in sports, I’ve been very active in sports, all my life and the importance of academics, so this gives you the idea it can work together and you can have excellence in both.”

The John Marshall Foundation in Richmond, Virginia promotes the life and legacy of Chief Justice John Marshall and his role in the founding of America. The Foundation’s Teacher Award Program recognizes outstanding secondary school teachers for their knowledge and enthusiasm for the U.S. constitution. One high school and one middle school teacher in Virginia is selected each year.

Barbara Schneider is the Coordinator of Education Programs at the John Marshall Foundation. She said Trumbo’s application stood out, because of all the people who had such high praise for him. He was selected as the high school Teacher of the Year by a panel of attorney and judges.

“He’s highly respected and we think what he does out there in Bath County is just very important,” says Schneider.

Trumbo is also a graduate of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia, which he was selected to attend. And he is a representative in the We The People program sponsored by the Center for Civic Education. In that program, students work with Trumbo to study the Constitution and it’s impacts today.

Recommendation letters are submitted as part of the application process for the John Marshall Foundation award and Trumbo had recommendations from across the spectrum.

“Bob Goodlatte, who’s a member of Congress, said As an educator in Virginia and North Carolina public schools, Bo has dedicated his career to guiding youngsters to understand the basics and the intricacies of government in the Untied States’,” says Schneider. “Then from a student, Kimberly Harrup, she just said that Dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, inspirational, and respectful are all adjectives that not only describe Mr. Trumbo as an educator, but also how he instructed us in class.’ She went on to say that With making the learning realistic Mr. Trumbo also focused his teaching about our natural rights through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights’.”

Trumbo received his award, along with a $2,500 cash prize, at the Law Day Celebration luncheon sponsored by the Richmond Bar Association on May first.

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