Bath School Board looks at Preliminary SOL scores and grieves Mr. Hicks, automotive teacher

Tuesday night’s School Board meeting in Bath County opened with its usual moment of silence. Board Chair Ellen Miller encouraged all present to hold the family of Mr. Jeff Hicks in their thoughts and prayers. Mr. Hicks, who was a beloved automotive teacher at Bath County High School died on Sunday.

An early item on the agenda was Director Pupil Personnel Services, Jane Hall’s report on the Positive Behavior Intervention System.   She explained how this program has been in place for three years, and now the schools are beginning to see results. Later in the meeting, Sarah Rowe, Bath County High School principal, summarized the proposed change in the high school’s attendance policy to be less punitive, and more constructive for families whose children have legitimate reasons for missing school. Details on the new attendance policy, which the board approved, will be part of this year’s Student Handbook, and also available in the minutes of this meeting on the School Board’s web page.

Both principals present gave enrollment figures for their school. Alison Hicklin said 130 students for Millboro Elementary School, and Sarah Rowe reported 256 for the high school. A figure was not available yet for Valley Elementary at the time of the meeting.

Paul Lancaster, Director of Technology and Administrative Services, explained how the preliminary data for all three schools SOL scores reflects improvement over the past few years.   He emphasized this is only the preliminary data, and that other factors may change it some before final accounting. Both School Board member, Cathy Lowry, and one mother present, expressed considerable concern that based on the preliminary data Valley Elementary’s scores still would earn a “warning” status in the areas of English and Math. Mr. Lancaster continued to describe how, although the available data will be used for accreditation purposes in the next couple of month’s, one current purpose for it is to tailor instruction even more successfully towards students’ needs, and that this will be what results in improved scores for the schools in the future.

It was difficult for the Board to return to closed session after the meeting, but they resolved do it with a three-two vote, and took action on items remaining from their previous meeting.

For the complete list of teaching and staff assignments that were voted on in the closed session, please go to on the news page.

This report comes with good wishes for a safe and healthy return to school for all of Bath County’s students and staff.

Bath County Public Schools

School Board Meeting

August 4, 2015

Action Following Closed Meeting


·       Approved SY2015-16 Non-Resident Student applications as recommended·       Approved annual requests, as presented, to enroll in Different Attendance Area

·       Approved Annual Review of Crisis Plans

Acknowledged Summer Personnel Resignation:

Nora Gibson VES Food Service (.5)

Acknowledged Summer Personnel Retirement:

Ramona Garcia MES Reading Specialist

Acknowledged Summer Personnel Appointments:

Deane Davis BCHS Teacher, Special Education
Rodney Landreth BCHS Teacher, Special Education
James Lucente BCHS Teacher, Social Studies/History
Mark Hall BCHS Computer Lab Manager
Kimberly Craig Division Art Teacher
Martha Peters BCHS Food Service (.5)
Kevin Kendall VES Principal
Katie E. Mihaly VES School Counselor
Esther Allman VES Teacher, Gr. 2
Alex Avery VES Teacher, Science, Grades 6-7
Kristy Humphreys VES Teacher, History, Grades 6-7
Suzanna Paxton VES Teacher, Math, Grades 6-7
Melinda Turner VES Teacher, Grade 3
Krista Armstrong VES Computer Lab Manager
Kimberly Call VES Secretary
Kimberly Smith VES Food Service (.5)
Anne C. Clarry MES/BCHS School Counselor
LeAnn Forbes MES Reading Specialist
Catherine Chestnut MES Aide

Acknowledged Fall Coaching Appointments:

Holly Nichols Cheerleading Sponsor
Lucy McCune JV Volleyball
Danielle Brinkley JV Volleyball (Volunteer)
Glenn Hiner Varsity Asst. Football Coach/JV Coach Volunteer
Rodney Landreth Varsity Asst. Football Coach/JV Coach (.5)

Approved 2015-16 Substitutes Teachers/Clerical

Continuing: Mary Adderton, Betty Alexander, Brenda Altizer, Joyce Brown, Amanda Brumfiel, Scott Conrad, Laura Cooper, Jamilyn Fussell, Herb Hardbarger, Allison Hollins, Chrysti Landrum, Elfrieda McDaniel, Judy McElwee, Brooke McMullen, Carol Phillips, Steve Shaver, Ruth Tolson, Janice Webb, Linda Weiss, Sue Wooding.

New: Trisha Alphin, Mary Criser, Ashley Decker, Dillon Fry, Darah Hevener, Ramona Garcia, Lisa Hodge, Teresa Jones, Jessie Logan, Carrington Pasco, Kristy Pasco, Stacy Schumacher, Amy Smith, Sandy Ryder, Zach Woodzell.

Approved 2015-16 Substitute Cafeteria Workers

Continuing: Brenda Altizer, Elizabeth Avis, Joyce Brown, Allison Hollins, Mary Hupman, Chrysti Landrum, Yvonne Lockridge, Stacy Schumacher, Ruth Tolson.

New: Trisha Alphin, Susan Ailstock, Nora Gibson, Myrna Harrison, Candace Lowry

Approved 2015-16 Substitute Transportation Staff

Bus/Vehicle Continuing: Jimmie Adkins, Eric Bley, Richard Criser, Keswick Phillips, Dallas Reynolds, Justin Rider

Vehicle/Continuing: Wayne Hayslett, Ronnie Hodge, Rodger Hupman, Susan Keith, Charolette Lotts, Patty Reynolds, Mary Rogers, Nancy Sweitzer

New: Krista Armstrong

Approved 2015-16 Substitute Custodians

Continuing: Elizabeth Avis, Fay Hise

New: Myrna Harrison

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