Bath School Board lowers age requirement for some school volunteers

Hot Springs, Va. –

The Bath School Board lowers the age limit for some volunteers and raises the pay for substitutes. At its February meeting the Board raised the pay by $2 a day for substitute teachers who have not recently received raises. Last year, the Board authorized a raise for substitutes who have college degrees, increasing their pay by $2 to $70 per day. At the February meeting the Board also approved a pay raise for substitutes who have high school diplomas, going to $60 a day. And a raise was also approved for those substitutes who have two year college degrees. Their increase went to $65 per day. Cafeteria substitute workers also received a raise, going to $60 per day. The pay raises take effect February first.

The Board also approved a change to the volunteer guidelines making an exception for Bath County High School graduates who want to volunteer. The age requirement for a volunteer in Bath County Schools is 21. But a Bath County High School graduate who is not yet 21 may be approved as a volunteer if he or she has a recommendation from the school principal and the superintendent.

And a regulation change on inclement weather closing and delay days was also approved by the School Board. On days when there is a two hour delay, 10 and 11 month staff are now to report to school and be in the classroom by 10am. Twelve month staff will now report one hour late on days when there is a two hour delay or a school closing. This regulation change takes effect immediately.

And the flashing light school zone signs will remain in place at Valley Elementary School. The Board had previously voted to remove the solar powered flashing signs and replace them with non flashing school zone signs. But at its February meeting the Board rescinded that motion after hearing from VDOT that using the flashing light signs is the only way to keep the lower speed limit. The Board was considering replacing the flashing light signs because they have been expensive to maintain. It is estimated that so far the school system has paid in repairs and maintenance about half of what the signs originally cost. The flashing light signs were originally powered by electricity, but there was trouble with the lines being underground, so the signs were switched to solar. The Board felt that for the safety of students the speed limit needed to be lowered, so it voted to keep the flashing light signs in place.

And the Board asked Superintendent Sue Hirsh to get information from other school districts on their policies on food and drinks in school gyms and auditoriums.

The next meeting of the Bath School Board is a budget work session on Monday February 11 at 5 o’clock at the School Administration Building. That will be followed by a joint work session with the Bath Board of Supervisors at 6:30.

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