Bath Supervisors hear feedback about monthly work sessions

Hot Springs, Va. –
The Bath Board of Supervisors hears feedback on its new monthly work sessions. At it’s December meeting on Tuesday night, the Board heard from several people during public comment, asking why the Board has approved holding two meetings a month. Speakers felt the additional meetings are not necessary. Speakers also asked why the additional monthly meetings can’t be scheduled to accommodate Supervisor Claire Collins. At a work session last month the Board approved holding a work session on the fourth Tuesday of each month. That date presents a conflict for Supervisor Collins, who may be able to only attend about half of the additional monthly work sessions.

Also during public comment, John Fischer of the Warm Springs District addressed the Board about progress on renovation of the old Millboro school. The previous Board gave the Millboro Preservation and Cultural Association, or MPCA, over $300,000 for asbestos removal and new roofing at the old school. Fischer said that according to the 2009 agreement between the Board of Supervisors and the MPCA, the county is to approve each expenditure by the MPCA for stipulated construction work. Fischer said the MPCA has never given a report on the renovation status or gotten approval for work. He also said that MPCA Directors could not remember if the final asbestos removal inspection report was ever given to the county. Fischer said no renovation work had been started during 2012 and he asked the Board about the status of this county investment.

As part of her staff report, Tourism Director Maggie Anderson provided information on funding received for tourism. The money for tourism work comes from 2% of Bath County’s 4% lodging tax. In fiscal year 2011-2012 more than $180,000 was received for tourism and half way through this fiscal year more than $98,000 has been received.

The board voted to provide Christmas bonuses for county employees. Full time employees will receive a $750 bonus while part time employees will receive $400. The total for all is almost $37,000. School employees are not included in these bonuses. Supervisor Claire Collins said it is unusual in this economic climate to be providing bonuses. She said the Board appreciates the work of employees, but with the uncertainty of what’s happening at the federal level, which may trickle down to the state level, she doesn’t want anyone to take for granted that this will be an annual situation.

And two public hearings planned for Tuesday night were cancelled. The Virginia Hot Springs Land Company had applied to amend the comprehensive plan to allow for a conservation easement to be established. But that application was withdrawn. And M & H Rentals at 5155 Sam Snead Highway had applied to rezone from medium density mixed residential to general business for the purpose of creating a laundry mat. Due to an oversight, all adjoining landowners were not notified, so the public hearing could not be held Tuesday night. The Board scheduled a joint public hearing on the rezoning along with the planning commission for the Board’s meeting on January 8th.

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