Beacher Hackney Added To US Marshall’s Top 15 Most Wanted List

Hot Springs, VA – Beacher Hackney is now on the US Marshall’s Service Top 15 most wanted list. On March 21, 2009 Hackney shot and killed two of his supervisors, Ronnie Stinnett and Dwight Kerr, in The Homestead Resort kitchen in Hot Springs. Bath County Sheriff Larry Norfleet:

“He was thought to be, well, considered such a threat that he was raised up in their listing” says Sheriff Norfleet. “The Marshalls have been working on this investigation since its onset. Probably within a week of when this occurred, we put together a task force with the US Marshalls office, the Virginia State Police and the Bath County Sheriffs office.”

The US Marshall’s Service will now devote more time to the case, with an investigator working full time on it.

“Well we certainly don’t think that he’s dead” says Norfleet, “we don’t think he’s in Bath County, but we feel that he’s alive. At this particular time, there are leads coming in all the time; there have been leads since the very beginning. One of the things that we wanted to do was bring it back to the attention of the public and make it fresh in everybody’s mind. The people in Bath County, I don’t know if they want if fresh in their mind because it’s going to always be fresh in their minds. The US Marshall Service are working leads at this time, working very closely with us on that.”.

Beacher Hackney is a 61 year old white male. He’s 5’6″ tall, wears glasses, is balding and weighs about 145 pounds.

“I’ve always thought it wouldn’t be his appearance that got him caught, it would be his demeanor” says Norfleet. “He’s one of those people who doesn’t like to be around anybody else, he’s a recluse.”

The Marshall’s Service has also increased the amount of its reward to $25,000. That combined with the $20,000 that The Homestead is offering brings the reward up to $45,000 for any information that leads to Hackney’s arrest.

“Well it’s always frustrating when you know who it is that’s done the crime, however you just can’t put your hands on them to make the arrest” says the Sheriff. “It’s normally the other way around.”

Anyone with any possible information about Beacher Hackney should call the Bath County Sheriffs Office, the Virginia State Police or the Marshall’s Service office in Roanoke Virginia.

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