Candidates Qualify For Highland and Bath

The Bath County registrar has completed qualifying candidates for the November general election.

For member Senate of VA, Creigh Deeds is running unopposed.

For member House of Delegates are Ronnie Campbell, Christian Worth, and Billy Fishpaw.

Running unopposed are Christopher Singleton for Bath County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney,Robert Plecker for sheriff, Angel Grimm for Commissioner of Revenue, and Pamela Webb for treasurer.

Running unopposed for the Board of Supervisors are Ronald Shifflett of the Cedar Creek District, Edward Hicklin of Millboro, and Roy Burns of Warm Springs.

Running contested are Richard Byrd and Harold Fry of the Valley Springs District, and Thomas Burns and Charles Black of Williamsville.

Running unopposed for School Board is Zachery Burns of the Warm Springs District. Running contested for the School Board are Karen Hise and Eddie Ryder of the Cedar Creek District, Jeffrey Grimm and Jessica Forbes of Millboro, Austin Burns and James Hooker for Valley Springs, and Lee Bowling-Angle and Clara Tennant of Williamsville.

For the Soil and Water Conservation Director Mountain District, Floyd McCoy is running unopposed.

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The Highland County registrar has  completed qualifying candidates for the November general election.

Running unopposed are Lois White for the officer of Treasurer, and Melissa Dowd for Commonwealth’s Attorney.

In contested races:

  • There are four candidates for the Highland County Board of Supervisors:
    • David Blanchard, incumbent
    • Wes Maupin
    • John Moyers Jr. and
    • Harry Sponaugle, incumbent
  • There are six candidates for the Highland County School Board:
    • Chris Amirault, incumbent
    • Cyd Clemmons
    • Kenny Hodges
    • Joe Neil, incumbent
    • Cane Sampson and
    • Sherry Sullenberger
  • For constitutional officers:
  • There are four candidates for the office of Commissioner of the Revenue:
    • Kathy Beverage
    • Penny DePoy
    • Susie Newlon and
    • Yvonne Wimer
  • There are two candidates for Sheriff:
    • Larry Armstrong and
    • David Neil, incumbent

There are also two candidates for the Mountain Soil and Water District –  Ari Daniels and Rodney Leech.


For Allegheny Mountain Radio, this is Scott Smith.

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