Chelsea Anderson Chosen As 2010 Miss Roadkill

Dunmore, WV – A bevy of beauties took to the stage of the Pocahontas County HS auditorium on Sept 12th for the 2010 Miss Roadkill and Miss Autumn Harvest Festival pageants. 43 girls competed in eight categories for the coveted titles.

Chelsea Anderson, of Franklin, WV, won Miss Roadkill, a title that also gives her entry into other state contests, according to pageant organizer Shawn Smith.

“The Miss Roadkill will be sent to Charleston in January to compete for the [West Virginia] Fairs and Festivals competition” says Smith. “If she would win for that she would be the reigning queen for the West Virginia State Fairs and Festivals.”

Miss Teen Roadkill is Kristen Beverage. This pageant had considerably more competitors than the Miss Pocahontas pageant earlier this summer. Smith offers a possible reason for the increase.

“Ours is open state wide, Miss Pocahontas is open just strictly for the area” she says. “It definitely helped things that we now offer a scholarship program for our Queen and our Teen. And we’re hoping that is things go well that we’ll even be able to increase our scholarship. That might be the major difference between them, that [this pageant] is open state wide.”

The scholarships demonstrate that the pageant is about more than just beauty and poise.

“We offer the Miss [Roadkill] $500.00 for an educational scholarship; then the Teen gets $250.00. The Pre-teen will get gift cards, and the Little Miss and the Tiny Miss will get scholarships

She says they hope to be able to offer larger scholarships in the future. Smith says lots of planning goes into this competition.

“Oh my, lots and lots!” she says. “We get lots of donations from area businesses to help with prizes for the girls and we have to make sure we go through the [West Virginia] Fairs and Festivals rules; that we are compliant with the rules – that we go by the standard guidelines.”

“Lots of paperwork as to keeping the girls very well informed as to what the expectations for them are. I have been working on this steadily since January.”

That paperwork includes contracts for the competitors and biographical information about each girl for the judges. She says they also do quite a bit of fundraising along the way.

Although Chelsea Anderson was declared the winner Sunday afternoon, she won’t receive her crown until September 25th during the Autumn Harvest Festival. She’ll be crowned at 10am at the Gazebo in Marlinton. All the other other winners did receive their awards Sunday afternoon.

Pageant Results


Queen – Chelsea Anderson
1st Runner Up – Allie Cole
2nd Runner Up – Abigail Anderson
3rd Runner Up – Elizabeth Fuller
4th Runner Up – Linsey Arrojo
Photogenic – Rachel Dotson
Congeniality – Chelsea Anderson

Miss Teen Roadkill

Queen – Kristen Beverage
1st Runner Up – Anna Ruddle
2nd Runner Up – Jennifer Fertig
3rd Runner Up – Elizabeth Liptrap
4th Runner Up – Kala Honaker
Photogenic – Jennifer Fertig
Congeniality – Alexandria Luikart

Pre-Teen Roadkill

Queen – Harley Gillispie
1st Runner Up – Hayley Duncan
2nd Runner Up – Faith Sipes

Little Miss Roadkill

Queen – Kaylee Halterman
1st Runner Up – Shayna Hammons
2nd Runner Up – Maria Workman
3rd Runner Up – Emily Doss

Tiny Miss Roadkill

Queen – Samantha Hammons
1st Runner Up – Madison Arbogast
2nd Runner Up – TaKayla Morrison
3rd Runner Up – Kassidy Long

Autumn Harvest – please note there is no Miss or Teen category

Pre-Teen Autumn Harvest

Queen – Tori Yates
1st Runner Up – Tara Doss
Photogenic – Tori Yates
Congeniality – Hayley Duncan

Little Miss Autumn Harvest

Queen – Sarah Kelley
1st Runner Up – Destiny Lane
2nd Runner Up – Josie Duncan
Photogenic – Sarah Kelley
Congeniality – Josie Duncan

Tiny Miss Autumn Harvest

Queen – Maybelle “Belle” Warner
1st Runner Up – Lilly Shinaberry
2nd Runner Up – Alisha Hedrick
3rd Runner Up – Delania Luikart
Photogenic – TaKayla Morrision
Congeniality – tie between Alisha Hedrick and Delania Luikart

Hostess (the girl who did the most fundraising) – Kassidy Long

Fan Favorite – Tara Doss

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