Community Health & Wellness Fair At Homestead Resort In Hot Springs October 19th

Hot Springs, VA – At the Community Health and Wellness Fair in Hot Springs on Tuesday, you can get a quick check up on your health as well as learn about serious conditions like heart attacks and strokes. The University of Virginia will be at the health fair hosting a table with doctors on hand to answer any questions and provide information. The Rev. Andrea Lomboy is the Program Coordinator for the University of Virginia stoke telemedicine and tele-education program

“Many times individuals are fearful about talking to a physician one on one” says Lomboy. “During their appointments they don’t have an opportunity to ask particular questions. This will give them an opportunity to actually go around to all the tables that will be representative in regards to health and wellness; and to be able to ask particular questions with no fear or intimidation.”

Bath Community Hospital, UVA and The Homestead are sponsoring the annual Community Health and Wellness Fair. Dr. David R. Burt an assistant professor of emergency medicine at UVA will be there.

“We’re going to be focusing stroke and heart attack, but we certainly within reason will try to answer anybody’s question if we can” says Dr. Burt.

Education is important for both patients and medical providers when it comes to serious conditions like heart attacks and strokes. Treatments are effective if symptoms are recognized early and treatment begins quickly. And steps you can take to prevent heart attacks and strokes are also important.

“In learning about acute conditions like heart attack or stroke, we realize people come to understand that there are a lot of things we can do as individuals to prevent or lower the risk that we as a person are going to have one of those things” he says. “A person who controls their blood pressure, has their cholesterol checked, or stops smoking; those may seem like small things, but they have really decreased their odds of suffering from heart attack or stroke.”

Vision screening, blood pressure screening, hearing screening and rehab and wellness information will be available at the health fair and blood work can be done too. For cholesterol and blood sugar, the cost is $20 – for those two tests, remember to fast from midnight the night before. A Prostate blood test is $10 and flu vaccines will also be given. Flu vaccines are $30, and that cost is $20 for Homestead employees.

Reverend Lomboy hopes this fair will encourage people to become more aware of their health and how they can get answers to their medical questions locally. For area EMS and clinical providers, there will be educational events at lunch time and that evening.

The Community Health and Wellness Fair is Tuesday October 19 from 8:30 to 2 in the grand ballroom at The Homestead. For more information you can call Bath Community Hospital at 839-7000.

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