Concerns at Green Bank Elementary/Middle School discussed at BOE Meeting

During the Delegations portion of the March 7th Pocahontas County Board of Education meeting, Whitney Beverage wanted the board to create a position for a Trama Counselor at the Green Bank Elementary/Middle School because of a number of recent tragedies among the students there, she also expressed other concerns about the school’s performance.

Superintendent Beam responded to Beverage’s concerns.

“I think what we have planned to do for Green Bank (School) will be more than what we’ve done so far,” said Beam. “And I think it will meet with a lot of approval from your school. I can’t share what that is right now, but I don’t want you to think ‘well, they didn’t hear anything you said,’ because I heard everything you said.”

During his Superintendent’s Report, Beam added that he had met with the staff of the Green Bank School on February 20th and spent an hour discussing with them their ideas to improve the academic achievement levels at the school, which has been designated by the state as being academically challenged.

Beam also said that he sees a need to have an ambulance standing by during home basketball games, as they do at home football games.

He said that just as the schools joined a class-action law suit against a vape manufacturer a couple of years ago, they are considering a request from the same law firm to join a class action suit against social media companies for the damage they cause to school performance.

For his special recognitions, Beam provided the below list of names of student winners of the Young Writers Contest and the Social Studies Fair:

 Pocahontas County

Young Writers Contest Winners:

Place Category Participant Project Title
1st Grades 1 & 2 Tyrell Davis “The Three Cows”
 1st Grades 3 & 4 Madelyn Rittenhouse “The Opossum”
 2nd Grades 3 & 4 Hunter Hefner “Let’s Build a Snowman!”
1st Grades 5 & 6 Bailey Goodwin “Anxiety Around the Corner”
2nd Grades 5 & 6 Autumn Hively “The Buzzer Beating Basket”
3rd Grades 5 & 6 Mallory Koerber “I Could’ve Done Something”
Honorable Mention Grades 5 & 6 Sydney Slifer “Connected Two”
Honorable Mention Grades 5 & 6 Trey Sattler “My Dog Rip”
Honorable Mention Grades 5 & 6 Mitchell Koerber “The Legend of Johnny Cross-Eye”
 1st Grades 7 & 8 Thomas Arbogast “The Mystical Flight of the Arrow”
2nd Grades 7 & 8 Nadiya Kerr “The Golden Quill”
3rd Grades 7 & 8 Willa Hardy “The Unexpected”
1st Grades 9 & 10 Callie Davis “Out On the Rink”
2nd Grades 9 & 10 Ramona Hardy “French Princess”
3rd Grades 9 & 10 Nathaniel Wimer “John & Jeffery”


Pocahontas County

Social Studies Fair Winners:

Division I

1st Economics: Individual Aubriee Dilley Can Ice Cream Change the World?
1st Geography: Individual Owen Chaney All About Jaguars
2nd Geography: Individual Cora Baldwin Appalachian Salt
1st Political Science:


Grayson Barlow West Virginia State Police
1st Psychology: Individual Zach Mason Should There Be Zoos?
1st Psychology: Group Ava Fields &

Natalie Irvine

1st Sociology Jackson Tankersley Quotes from the GOAT
2nd Sociology Clarissa Barb Do You Know the Muffin Man?
1st State and Local Studies: Individual Wade Goldizen Is That Smoke?
2nd State and Local Studies: Individual Ryan Withrow The History of Droop Mountain State Park
3rd State and Local Studies: Individual Makiya Burns History of Maple Syrup
1st U.S. History: Individual Autumn Hively Cowgirl in the Helmet: Fallon Taylor
2nd U.S. History: Individual Ryan Kloeker Joe Burrow’s Road to the Bengals
1st U.S. History: Group Jasper Birchfield & Chase McNeill 49er Gold Rush
2nd U.S. History: Group Bailey Goodwin &    Ace Gregory The Tragedy of the Titanic
1st World History: Individual Stevee Crace A Beautiful Loss
2nd World History: Individual Jase Bryant Dinosaurs
1st World History: Group Jarrell Clifton &   Hunter Lundmark Remember the Forgotten War


Division II

1st Anthropology: Individual Emma Anderson Emma’s Kids Community School
2nd Anthropology: Group Cash Beers &        Aiden Jordan Saxophones
1st Economics: Individual Trey Sattler Auctioneering
2nd Economics: Individual Gavin Jordan The History of Intel
2nd Economics: Group Madeleine Burns & Chloe Annett Becoming Outdoors Woman
2nd Geography: Individual Ben Workman Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort
3rd Geography: Group Bella Arbogast &    Dixie Thompson The Black Death
1st Political Science: Individual Willa Hardy The Electoral College
2nd Political Science: Individual Tristan Sizemore Hammurabi’s Code of Law
3rd Political Science: Group Lucas Davis &

Landen Arbogast

The Vikings
1st Psychology: Individual Sydney Slifer What Goes on in Teen Brains
2nd Psychology: Individual Grace Faubert Set in the Stars
1st Psychology: Group Riyan Gladwell & Kenslee Lane Bipolar Depression
1st Sociology: Individual Nadiya Kerr Madam CJ Walker
2nd Sociology: Individual Carter Faulknier Powell Peralta Skateboards
1st Sociology: Group Julia Brown &       Hailey Goldsberry Lusia Harris
1st State & Local Studies: Individual Keiara Vandevender WV Bear Hunting
1st State & Local Studies: Group Sierra Nelson &     Baylee Nelson WV’s Baby Dog
2nd State & Local Studies: Group Cyle Kelk &           Odin Lizotte Samuel Pringle
3rd State & Local Studies: Group Natalye Burdette & Jasmine Tuskin The Greenbrier Ghost
1st U.S. History: Individual Coleton Taylor Jesse Brown
2nd U.S. History: Individual Damien Blankenship The Telephone
1st U.S. History: Group Brom Koerber & Cayden Johnson The Two Atomic Bombs Dropped on Japan
2nd U.S. History: Group Mazie Monico &   Torrie Price Witch Hunt (Salem Witch Trials)
2nd World History: Individual Tanner Balkwin Auschwitz
3rd World History: Individual Nicholas Beverage The Powerful Roman Legions
1st World History: Group Peyton Friel &       Noah Foe Titanic
2nd World History: Group Kaydence Cutlip & Catherine Lucabaugh The Pig War


Division III

1st Economics: Group Willie O’Ganian & Florian Baudler Iron Mongering
2nd Economics: Group Tristen O’Steen & Shealynn Plaugher Snowboarding Economics
1st Political Science: Group Ramona Hardy & Allison Friel Third Parties in the USA
1st Psychology: Individual Mallori McCoy The Mind of a  Serial Killer
1st Psychology: Group Jade Arbogast, Jenna Baxter, Harley Brown, and Hailey Fitzgerald Mass Hysteria or Mass Hexing
2nd Psychology: Group Mya Workman & Mackenzie Taylor The Battle Back Home
3rd Psychology: Group Courtney Waugh & Kirstin Friel Mental Effects of Sexual Assault
1st Sociology: Individual Trenton Brock Escape the Inescapable
1st Sociology: Group Eden Smith &            Ella Markl Are You Still Watching?
1st State & Local Studies: Individual Riley Pollack Martinsburg Mystery
2nd State & Local Studies:     Group Miranda Gum &    Dillon Dunz Moundsville Prison Riot
3rd State & Local Studies:     Group Easton Nelson &   Jayden Hershman Camp Bartow
1st U.S. History: Individual Rachel Felton Courts of the Missing
2nd U.S. History: Group Shayla Bennett & Mackenzie Sewell The History of the Basketball
3rd U.S. History: Group Jessie Definbaugh & Miles Fitzgerald Lost Colony of Roanoke


Terrell McSweeney discussed safety concerns because of a lack of a visitor’s WI-FI network at the schools. She said that while she attended a basketball game at the middle school where her daughter was playing, her son broke his wrist while playing at the high school basketball game in Bath County, and people couldn’t reach her to get her authorization for him to get emergency medical care in Bath County, although they eventually contacted her through the Sheriff’s Department.

Chris Sutton, a Math Teacher at PCHS told the board that there is a need to add a full-time STEM teacher to replace the current half-time Math Teacher. He said for a fairly small increase in salary, with no increase in benefits cost, the STEM teacher would be able to also teach additional courses to help students win Promise Scholarships.

Additionally, the board:

  • Approved the state proposed Levy Rates: Class I: $19.40; Class II :$38.80; Classes III and IV: $77.60.
  • Approved the proposed school calendar for next school year.
  • Approved their annual agreement with the WVU Extension Service and with the County Extension Service.
  • Approved an agreement with WVU and it’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, School of Social Work to allow their students to provide clinical education and fieldwork here to provide WVU students educational opportunities and encourage students to go into Social Work.
  • Approved an agreement with the WV Department of Education’ s Community in Schools (CIS) to implement the CIS Model of Integrated support at Marlinton Middle School.
  • Approved a brand new program – The Grow Your Own Teacher Apprentice Program to provides daily classroom services in the county schools.
  • Approved to add the CVB’s Road Clean-up program to PCHS’ approved fundraiser list.
  • Approved the recommended list of personnel actions, which can also be seen by clicking on this link to the official meeting agenda: 3-7-23 Official BOE Agenda PDF

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Tim Walker

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