Congratulations to the Bath County High School tennis team!

Hot Springs, VA – Congratulations to the Bath County High School tennis team. The team finished its regular season undefeated, which is a first for tennis in the history of the school. The team is 12 and 0 and is the Pioneer District champion.

Sarah Wright is a senior who’s on the team. “It’s indescribable, actually, just because I’ve been playing tennis since I was in third grade. And I’ve kind of gotten to practice with the teams, actually like in elementary school and been able to go and cheer them on at regionals and everything. And been able to watch all their matches and now I’m actually a part of the team that is undefeated. It’s great.”

Melanie Baughan is also a senior. “I feel really good. I’m really excited. I’m so proud of everyone, that we were able to get this far.”

Rebekah Blake is a junior, who’s been playing tennis since ninth grade. “It’s awesome, it’s crazy and it’s so awesome how we have young people in it that are a part of it all.

Katelyn Rice is a junior. “It’s nice to be a part of something that’s doing so well. They said that it hadn’t happened before and had been awhile since something like this had happened ,so I guess anything’s possible, but I was a little surprised.”

Alli Wolfe is a freshman, so it’s her first year on the team. “It’s a great feeling. I’m pretty confident, I’m a little nervous. They’re 15 and 1, so it’s going to be a touch match.”

The Bath tennis team takes on Graham High School, with that 15 -1 record, in the Region C semifinals on Wednesday May 30 at Radford University.

Mike Bollinger is in his second year as head coach of the team after serving as assistant coach for one year.

“Well, I’m frankly shocked by the 12 and 0 part,” says Bollinger. “When we started, of the eleven players that we have, only three had ever played a varsity singles match before. So when we started we were very inexperienced and I really had no idea what the team could do. But we’ve had some new people who have picked it up very quickly and we’ve had a first year junior that came out and has done a great job for us, Katelyn Rice, and it’s really been an amazing run. I had no idea anything like this would happen.”

Since Bollinger had no idea this would happen, why did it?

“I really think it did because as hard as they play and as hard as they work at it,” says Bollinger. “Every match it’s a different person winning and it’s a different person getting points for us. It hasn’t been the same people all year. It’s been when some people lose on a given day then other people pick it up and win. It’s been that kind of year where when someone has had a bad day someone else has had a good day to pick them up. And that’s really what it takes if you’re going to have a successful team.”

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