Construction of The Village at Warm Springs Farm to begin this Spring

Allegheny Mountain Radio spoke with two representatives of Natural Retreats in early February about their next stages of development. Kent Dougherty, Vice President of       and Jonathan Shannon,                 described first, The Village at Warms Springs Farm, and then the Main

Street Hot Springs Project. The Village, with construction beginning this spring, is projected to go up directly across the intersection where Route 39 meets 220 at the bottom of the mountain. Or, if you are travelling from the north, it will be on your right just before the Pools.

Kent Dougherty,

“The Village at Warm Springs Farm is the first of hopefully a series of slightly higher density communities that we’ll be building throughout the Preserve. This one particularly would be from thirty to forty single-family homes, and these would be centered around a town green, if you will, and a pavilion where you could have community events. It’s right across from the Dairy complex with the pool and the Spa, and it’s right up the hill too, from the historic Jefferson Pools.”

Because we have so much over at the Dairy, what we’re thinking about there, is more of a town green with a covered pavilion so you could have community events like concerts and picnic and weddings, even weddings, so the whole development would sort of be clustered around a central park space.”

While Bath County has long been a destination for those on vacation, and real estate runs from rustic camps to elegant farms, Natural Retreats believes these houses offer something different.

Again Kent Dougherty,

“It’s a great location, and we’re really excited about bringing a different product to the market here, which is slightly smaller, more compact, but still a really well-built and well-designed home.”

Even with the strong need for first-time homes, and year round rentals for the majority of residents, there is some appeal to having an influx of seasonal population whose homes can be maintained as a group, and are connected with amenities that already exist.

“It’s offering an opportunity for folks to come to the area, find a second home that’s in their price range, and we’re hoping that can really kick start some new real estate sales here.”

Residents will be able to enjoy some great walking on what Natural Retreats is calling the Signature Trail. “That would eventually hook up to the stable complex to the north, travel through the Village at Warm Springs Farm, cross the street, and then hook up with the Dairy, and the Milk House Market and all the amenities there.”

For more about the two latest Natural Retreats’ projects please stay tuned to Allegheny Mountain Radio.

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Bonnie Ralston

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