Covid-19 Forces Furloughs at Omni Homestead Resort

On Wednesday, March 18th the Omni Homestead Resort announced that it would be activating furloughs and reducing the hours of staff to remain in compliance with the best medical advice about ways to combat the corona virus.

According to United Nations world travel organization tourism has been one of the most affected sectors of the global economy. “The tourism value chain across hotels, travel agents, tour operations, destinations, restaurants, family entertainment venues and air land and sea transportation have been hit hard.”

By some accounts, the Coronavirus could result in a loss of $35 to $60 billion dollars in spending by international travelers. With so much uncertainty surrounding the furloughs at the Omni Homestead I reached out to the marketing and communications director Ms. Lynn Swan for comment.

Mrs. Lynn Swann: This is obviously a very difficult time for so many people. The implications of the Covid-19 on the hospitality industry, and the restrictions on restaurants and bars across the Commonwealth are unprecedented. Like all businesses, the Homestead is making difficult decisions to limit the impact of Covid-19 and protect our business for the future. As I’m sure you realize, we staff our hotel according to business demand and unfortunately (at this time) we are unable to keep all of our associates busy. So yesterday, we informed our associates about the need to reduce hours, activate furloughs and leverage PTO if available. Our associates are the heart of our Homestead family business and we will continue to reassess and offer the best guidance we can for them and their families.

After the interview Mrs. Swan wanted to emphasize that the jobs were just furloughed and once business picked back up the jobs would be available.

In preparation for the economic impact felt by the layoffs. Jason Miller, Bath County Director of Social Services, has been working with his staff compiling information for people who could be affected by the layoffs. He reached out to Allegheny Mountain Radio and gave the following remarks.

I’d like to share the numbers individuals can call. The first number is for Cover Virginia, and that is for Medicaid or Medicaid expansion. That number is 1 (855) 242-8282. The number for food stamp assistance or Snap is 1 (855) 635-4370, and if anyone has questions they can contact us (Bath County Department of Social Services) at (540) 839-7271.

The Greenbrier Resort also announced they would be suspending operations until April 17th, as a result of the Coronavirus. Stay tuned to Allegheny Mountain Radio for updated information about this story. I would like to thank Lynn Swan and Jason Miller for their time. This report contained data used from the United Nations World Travel Organization.

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Danny Cardwell

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