Doctors submit their resignations to Bath Community Hospital

Four doctors have submitted their resignations to Bath Community Hospital.  The resignations came about as a result of concerns with administration following the hospital board’s decision to not renew the contract of Dr. James Redington.

Dr. Redington placed an announcement in the October 9th edition of The Recorder newspaper that read in part:

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I currently am not able to see, evaluate and treat patients at Bath Community Hospital.  I apologize to all who have been and will be inconvenienced.  I trust that in time the truth will be made public.  For now, I am frustrated and profoundly saddened by this situation.   It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve this community for the last twenty six years.

According to reports in The Recorder newspaper and on WDBJ 7 in Roanoke, Bath Community Hospital’s Board of Directors did not renew Dr. Redington’s contract.  Dr. Redington immediately left work at the hospital when he was given ninety days notice that his contract would not be renewed.

Dr. Michael Bost and Dr. Jeff McCray, who are full time doctors at the hospital, and Dr. Asher Brand and Dr. John Stout, part time doctors, have also submitted resignations.  All have given ninety days notice.

According to the news reports, the doctors’ resignations came as a result of concern over staffing issues.  Those doctors were filling in to provide patient care and when they saw no replacement hired for Dr. Redington after several weeks, they requested a meeting with hospital administration.  They wanted to discuss their concerns of being understaffed, but they said that hospital administration would not meet with them.

It is reported that the hospital’s administration has sent a letter to staff about holding a meeting to discuss the issues, but no date has been set.

A Facebook page has been created to voice support for Dr. Redington.  And there are petitions circulating requesting Dr. Redington’s full reinstatement to the hospital staff.

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