Duck Derby raises funds for Hot Springs Rescue Squad

The Hot Springs Rescue Squad is raising money for more training, and participating in some statewide rescue squad competitions to make sure they’re staying at the top of their game. What could be more fun than watching a boatload of rubber duckies floating merrily down the stream, while wondering if yours will be the one to finish first and win you three-hundred dollars? So that would be a Duck Derby, and a community dance with refreshments and friends.
Hot Springs Rescue Squad member, Debbie Young explained.
“It’s you know, just a good old country hoe down. DJ Willy will be on hand to spin the tunes for us, and that’s just one part of it. Last year was our first year. We did really well. You can purchase ducks for five dollars. And then we put all the ducks in the water, and they will go in at the post office, between the post office and the bank and they’ll float down the stream to the bridge, which is down in front of the dry cleaners near Lindsey’s Roost, and the first duck through the gate is the big winner. And there’s a first, second and third prize, three hundred dollars, two hundred dollars and one hundred dollars. And there are two races.”
For those interested in increasing their chances for a prize, another 5 dollars will get you another duck.
Again, Debbie Young: “Right now we’ve sold about four hundred and some ducks, but we have up to almost a thousand ducks that we will sell. Last year we had a couple of ducks that went AWOL. They went on down stream and we never found them.”
And where can one donate to adopt, rent or sponsor one of these little bathtub friends?
“You can purchase a duck from any rescue squad member. You can also purchase them that night. We’ll have some. Last year we could have sold 500 ducks the night of the event, and we didn’t have that many to sell. So we recommend that you do get them in advance from any rescue squad member.”
Other important details on this event on Saturday the 23rd are: The dance starts at seven in the BB&T parking lot in Hot Springs, and the first batch of ducks will be launched around 7:30. The charge for the dance is seven dollars for adults and children under 12 are two dollars.
Debbie Young continued. “Really all you have to bring to this event is a lawn chair to set in, and your dancing shoes. So, it’ll be a fun evening for everyone, and the duck race only takes a few minutes, so we have the dance. Everybody loves dances.”

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