Dufour Du Jour – Bath Reporter becomes afternoon-drive host

Sage: Bath County Reporter, Abby Dufour, recently became the new afternoon DJ here at Allegheny Mountain Radio. I sat down with her a few weeks ago to discuss her new show Dufour Du Jour.

Abby: It’s really fun. I’m still getting acclimated to the new schedule and having to balance both of those things, but it is fun, like, I enjoy deejaying a lot.

Sage: When you first joined AMR about 2 years ago, you were just a reporter – did you immediately get on the air to do music, or did you wait awhile?

Abby: I didn’t start deejaying until COVID[-19], where we weren’t having our volunteers here anymore. So I started having to cover a Wednesday show, and that show was called Forever Oldies.  I started doing a lot of 60s, 70s rock predominately. Sometimes Psychedelic Rock, or sometimes Folk or Ballads. Now for the afternoon show I do that same kind of thing but I throw in Bluegrass now and some 80s and 90s. A pretty eclectic mix because I want anyone who’s listening to hear something that they like.

Sage: What’s the name of the show?

Abby: Dufour Du Jour (laughs)

Sage: (laughing) Do you want to talk a little bit about how that name came about?

Abby: I can’t remember exactly how it happened…but…it was definitely Scott. Okay, so it was at another staff meeting, we’re all sitting there, and they’re (the other staff)  like, ‘Abby, you need to rename Forever Oldies, ’cause like, that’s your show now. You should call it Du Jour Dufour!’ and I was like, ‘Guys…I cannot say that with a straight-face, that’s just too funny.” And it stuck. So then months go by, I’m still calling the show Forever Oldies. Then, I came into work one day, I get the Town Crier where it talks about the shows that are happening for like, the rest of the day, and it says Dufour Du Jour…(laughs)

So I immediately think that it’s Scott. He said no, and I asked him like three times! Then I ask Danny; he says no. Then I accuse Sage! Then I accuse Jake! And everyone says no. So we start an entire email chain, and I never found out who did it.

Sage: I know, I still don’t know who did it.

Abby: I remember I played “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath that day and I was like, “This goes out to all of my coworkers. (laughing) So if any of you want to fess up, now’s the time.

Sage: What are you most excited about in this new position?

Abby: Well, I listen to music constantly anyway. But I also love the relationships you make with people, the people that listen to you everyday. “I love your show” or “this makes me feel nostalgic” or blah blah blah – that happens often. Not only do they give me a request for that show but they’ll give me other albums or other bands that I should listen to and they’re always great – which is so cool. Our listeners show me really cool music – and I love that! Really, I just feel lucky to be here and I feel lucky that I get to do this job – it’s the coolest job.

Sage: You can contact Abby by calling WCHG at 540-839-5400 or emailing her directly at abby@amrmail.org. The Dufour Du Jour broadcasts live Monday – Friday, 3-6PM. For Allegheny Mountain Radio, this is Sage Tanguay.



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