Durbin Library “Barn Raising’ Coming Up In May

Green Bank, WV – The Durbin Library and Community Center is about to become a reality. Alan Johnson, Executive Director of the Pocahontas County Free Libraries says preparations are being made for a “Barn Raising” event in May.

“They’ve started, they’ve poured the footers, they’ve got the (foundation) walls up” says Johnson, “they’re now working on the drains and plumbing. And the last thing will be the heating and the pans (for the floor).”

As long as nothing unforeseen occurs, the site will be ready for the “Barn Raising” on Saturday the 21st of May. Johnson says the next big hurdle is getting the volunteers out to do the work.

“On the build day, the committee is working on recruiting” says Johnson. ” We’re really trying to get people from Durbin, Bartow, Frank, Thornwood, people like that involved in getting the word out and recruiting. I’m thinking mostly in Pocahontas County you go up to them and say Can you come out’. Putting things in the paper is fine, putting it on the radio is fine, it helps some letting people know that something’s up, but people still like the personal ask.”

Johnson says that they will need around 40 volunteers to install the SIPS Panels on the 21st and at least 10 for the roof system.

In other library business, Mary Willis and Hayes Eilers, representing the Linwood Library Board, told the Board of Trustees that they are working hard to meet their Fund Raising Goals. As many people in the Linwood area have been involved with the areas’ busy ski season, it’s been difficult to focus on the Library. With ski season behind them, they can now focus more energy on library business.

One way they hope to improve Linwood’s financial picture is by curtailing expenses. Willis sites one example.

“We want to try to cut some expenses; the electricity is ridiculous” says Willis. “We need to try to something about that building, that’s a project of ours. Drop the power bill by $1,000 next winter, update the base board heaters and get locks on the things so people can’t put them up so high.”

Willis says that they are continuing to work with the home owners associations to establish a relationship with them. Thus far, all of the Associations have been negative about attaching an additional “Library Fee” on to existing home owner bills. They have indicated a wiliness to make contributions out of Associations’ discretionary funds. And the Associations will allow the Linwood board to make presentations later this year at their annual Home Owners Association Meetings.

The Board discussed the upcoming budget cycle and set a tentative date of the 1st week of May to work on the budget. Johnson asked the Board to review the Libraries Internet Policy; particularly as it pertains to chat rooms. He says that Libraries are evolving and must keep up with the latest technologies and Social Media Trends.

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Heather Niday

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