Fantasy Makeup Workshop for Students to be Held February 18 in Monterey


The Highland County Arts Council is presenting a Fantasy Makeup Workshop for students on February 18.  This is part of a series of workshops the Arts Council is holding to support arts and drama education.

Brit Chambers is the Vice President of the Highland County Arts Council.

“This is in conjunction with our partnership with the Wayne Theatre,” says Chambers.  “We did a makeup class in October of last year, that was a Grossies and Gories Workshop that was for older kiddos, and then we did an improv workshop last month, and showcase, and then this month we are doing the Fantasy Makeup Workshop.  This is for students from third grade and up and they will be learning some special effects tricks and, specifically, how to make themselves appear as fairy creatures on the stage.”

The Fantasy Makeup Workshop will be held Saturday, February 18, at The Highland Center in Monterey from 1 to 4 pm.   The cost is $7 for supplies and scholarships are available.

“The arts are important to education, as a whole, and one of the big things that our school does here in Highland County is the drama performances and they do an amazing job with that,” says Chambers.  “But, when speaking to everyone involved over at the school, they would love for them to have some more skills, especially behind the scenes skills, so we worked with the school to come up with a list of classes and workshops that they felt they would do if they had time there in the class.  We are doing them on Saturdays, when kids can attend, and it was important to us to bring in experts from out of the county.  We have a lot of volunteers and our kids are really used to seeing them and we thought it would be really neat to have people from outside of the county, who are experts in their fields, participate with these kids and really give them a leg up, on especially the behind the scenes things, so that the drama club at the school can get better and better every time.”

For more information or to register, email or call 540-468-2474.  Class size is limited.

The Highland County Arts Council is a supporter of Allegheny Mountain Radio.



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