Garth Newel Pub Series concerts kick off Jan. 26

Hot Springs, Va. –

Garth Newel Music Center in Hot Springs kicks off its 2013 Pub Series concerts on Saturday January 26. The Pub Series offer a relaxed and casual concert experience.

Teresa Ling is Garth Newel’s resident violinist and Artistic Director.

“Well it has a very specific atmosphere to it,” says Ling. “It’s very friendly and warm. January is just about the time that people start getting cabin fever and it’s a great time to get out and go to Garth Newel Music Center where you can sit by the fireplace or you can sit very close to the musicians, so you can really see what’s happening and almost feel like you’re playing with everybody. It’s just a completely different atmosphere. And we’ve made it a pay what you wish concert, so even if you have no idea what the music is even going to be like, you can always just come and experience it and you can pay whatever you think it is worth.”

This first Pub Series concert is called Toys, Tequila and Tostadas. And the reference to toys in the name comes from some of the instruments.

“We have some wonderful guest artists,” says Ling. “Genevieve Lee is a frequent guest pianist at Garth Newel and she is going to be performing a lot of toy instruments, toy pianos. And other pieces involve a wonderful percussionist, Peter Martin, who is part of Third Coast Percussion. They’re a percussion quartet that have come a couple of times to Garth Newel Music Center to perform and he’s going to be playing a whole array of interesting instruments. One of the most interesting things he’s going to be playing are Chinese rice bowls, which are required for a specific piece that we’re playing by Lou Harrison. And there will also be me on violin and Evelyn Grau on viola.”

Along with the music, you can also enjoy some pub food and snacks. Tostadas will be served and there will be a cash bar.

“What I love about it is it’s a great way to connect with people in the community, a lot of my friends,” says Ling. “And people who don’t necessarily think that they like classical music really tend to enjoy the Pub Series, because it’s a way of combining friendship and food and music and just a wonderful atmosphere in which to socialize and connect with other people.”

The Pub Series concert, Toys, Tequila and Tostadas, is Saturday January 26 at Garth Newel Music Center in Hot Springs. Doors open at 7 and the concert begins at 7:30. The concert is pay as you wish, which includes snacks. If you need more information, visit or call 540-839-5018.

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Heather Niday

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