Highland 4H Shooting Club Gets New Location and Equipment

This is Jordan White, Highland County 4-H member.

The Highland County 4H Shooting Sports Club is excited to announce a significant step forward in providing safe and educational shooting opportunities for its members and the community. With the generous support of the Highland County Fair Association the club has established a practice location at the Highland County Fairgrounds, further solidifying its commitment to fostering responsible firearm handling, marksmanship, and youth development.

This new practice location adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring a secure environment for both novice and experienced shooters. It will serve as a hub for the Highland County 4H Shooting Sports Club’s activities, offering an array of training programs and events that emphasize firearm safety, skill development, and teamwork.

The Highland County 4H Shooting Sports Club is also thrilled to announce that they were the recipient of a generous grant from the National Rifle Association (NRA). This grant provided the club with five .22 rifles, a generous supply of ammunition, and essential shooting accessories such as mats, supports, kneeling wedges, etc.. This contribution from the NRA underscores their dedication to supporting initiatives that promote responsible gun ownership, safe shooting practices, and the nurturing of young marksmen and women.

“We are incredibly grateful for the NRA’s support and the opportunity to enhance our club’s offerings with this new practice location and the equipment grant,” said Benjamin Hindman, 4H Extension Agent. “This expansion will empower us to provide top-tier training experiences to our members, instilling valuable life skills such as discipline, focus, and responsibility.”

Started by Steve Rogers, Roger Straub, Jason Rexrode, and Terry Allamong, the Highland County 4H Shooting Sports Club has a rich history of guiding young individuals through structured, educational programs that utilize shooting sports (BB and Pellet) as a means of personal growth and character development. The new practice location and the NRA grant will undoubtedly amplify the positive impact the club has on its members and the surrounding community.

As part of the club’s commitment to inclusivity and community involvement, the practice location could also host events and workshops open to the public, encouraging a broader understanding of firearm safety and shooting sports. Open to ages 9-18, the club meets every third Wednesday of each month and plans to expand to additional meetings and also host region shooting matches.

For more information about the Highland County 4H Shooting Sports Club, the new practice facility, or upcoming events, please contact the VCE office at 540-468-2225, or 540-839-7261, or e-mail benjaminh@vt.edu

For Allegheny Mountain Radio News, this is Jordan White.

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