Highland Board of Supervisors June Work Session

“Play ball!”

That was the message given by the Highland County Board of Supervisors to School Superintendent Dr. Thomas Schott at last Wednesdays June work session. Schott had appeared before the Board the previous week, during a special work session between the supervisors and school system, to set a framework for future education related spending. At that time, he had proposed that a portion of the school budget surplus, scheduled to be returned to the county’s general fund, be used to make repairs to the two stick and ball fields located on the oconcession stands. Schott was not accompanied by anyone to hear the supervisors final decision, but did relay that he had received numerous phone calls that day in support of the effort. The supervisors approved the request, citing not only the hope that this will bring back baseball as a school sport, but improve the overall looks of the area, which had been in disrepair for too long.

In old business, the Board heard a report from the county Electoral Board on the possibility of consolidation of voting precincts. This had been raised as an option as the supervisors looked to cut costs after being told the county’s voting machines had been decertified, and would need replacement. The Electoral Board did not believe there was time to do this before the November election, citing geographical considerations that would hinder the time for a voter to reach their precinct, the preparations for closing would exceed the deadline for absentee voting, which begins in eleven weeks, and the overall number of items which would have to be accomplished before the election, including contacting affected voters, redrawing of districts, advertisement, public meetings and informing the State Electoral Board.

This would be in addition to the purchase and delivery of the new equipment and training of poll workers. The supervisors tabled action on ordering the machines to further review the machine choices and cost.

In other actions, The Board granted a nine foot easement across county property to the Big Fish Cider Company  for the purpose of building a ramp to the rear of the building. Zoning administrator Melissa Dowd reported that she had consulted with building inspector Josh Simmons on options, and this was the best workable solution. Stay tuned to Allegheny Mountain Radio later this week for a story on this new Monterey business. The Board also voted to accept the VDOT six year plan and budget for secondary road construction, presented at it’s last regular meeting.

Story By

Scott Smith

Scott Smith is the General Manager for Allegheny Mountain Radio and Station Coordinator and News Reporter for WVLS. Scott’s family has deep roots in Highland County. While he did not grow up here, he spent as much time as possible on the family farm, and eventually moved to Highland to continue the tradition, which he still pursues with his cousin. Unfortunately, farming doesn’t pay all the bills, so he has previously taken other jobs to support his farming hobby, including pressman/writer for The Recorder, and Ag Projects Coordinator for The Highland Center. He lives in Hightown with wife Michelle and son Ethan. In his spare time, he wishes he had more spare time, especially to ride his prized Harley-Davidson motorcycle. scott@amrmail.org

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