Highland County Arts Council Seeking Cast Members for Short Play


The Highland County Arts Council is holding an Evening of Storytelling in July.  As part of that, a short play will be included with the performance.

Caroline Smith is directing the play and she is now working on casting it.

“People imagine arriving at the pearly gates and having instant admission into heaven, but in this story they find out that there’s a line to get in,” says Smith.  “The name of the play is Cuttin’ Line and it’s a ten- minute story about a family arriving to find itself way back in the line.  The play requires two men and four women.  For the people who arrive in the line are a family, so there’s a mom and a dad and a teenage daughter and then I need to cast the person who is ahead of them in line and the person behind them in line. And the person who’s behind them in line, needs to be a young guy and the person in front of them in line just needs to be a beleaguered person.  It can be either a male or a female, but they’re kind of beleaguered.  They’ve been standing there for a long time.  Suddenly this family comes in and has a lot of questions and doesn’t know exactly what’s going on and so the person kind of gets pulled into the story.   And then the final character of the six is an angel named Leona, who is in charge of everyone in the line.”

Rehearsals start the week of June 26.  With the small cast, Smith thinks they can be flexible in organizing rehearsal times.

“This play is a great opportunity,” says Smith. “It’s a form of theatre called Ten Minute Theatre and this play really is only ten minutes or less long.  This is a perfect opportunity for someone who hasn’t acted for awhile or who thinks they might like to try acting.  It’s something that will be a very fun project.”

The play will be performed at the Highland County Arts Council’s 2nd Saturdays @ 7 event on Saturday, July 8.  That event is an Evening of Storytelling to be held at The Church at the Old Oak.

“It’s funny, it’s short and it seems like it fits in well,” says Smith.  “There are going to be storytellers talking about all kinds of things and so this is just like another form of a little story that can drop into the overall performance.  To put in a plug for the Highland County Arts Council, the Evening of Storytelling is a wonderful time, because The Church at the Old Oak has beautiful picnic grounds and families come and the evening is very informal and it’s one of the many, many, many nice events that the Arts Council puts on.”

For more information, and if you’d like to get a copy of the script, call Caroline Smith at 540-499-2879 or email carolineanddoug@htcnet.org

The Highland County Arts Council is a supporter of Allegheny Mountain Radio.

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