Highland County Board of Supervisors December 2023 Meeting – Pt. 2

This is part two of our story on the December meeting of the Highland County Board of Supervisors. The Board met December 5th.

The Board adopted a Burn Ban Resolution, which will be in effect until January 16.  This was an update to the Burn Ban the Board verbally put into place at it’s November 15th meeting.  Open burning is prohibited.  The use of propane or natural gas outdoor grills, emergency road flares, and burning in cans or other secure facilities is allowed.  The burn pit at the landfill will remain closed and residents will not be allowed to leave materials there until it reopens.

The Board also adopted a Drought Resolution.  Highland County is currently classified as a drought warning area.  The resolution applies only to residents receiving public water, which includes the McDowell water system and anyone in the county who is on the Town of Monterey water system.  The resolution encourages water conservation and it restricts water consumption to normal household or business use and to the care of animals and livestock.  Washing vehicles and activities such as watering lawns are prohibited.

Bonuses for county employees were approved by the Board.  Full time employees will receive $500 and part time employees will receive $250.

During Board comments, Supervisor John Moyers said he appreciated everyone who voted for him in the recent election.  He said it was one election that he didn’t think anybody in the county had ever seen.  After sixteen years on the Board, he said he felt the recent comments that have been made, and the actions that have been taken, have been disrespectful to voters.  Supervisor Moyers said, as a Board member, you are to back the majority vote 100%.  He said all actions have to be taken in an open Board meeting.  He said he’s been asked about this and he’s told people that items have to be voted on with a 2/3 majority vote, with no one person in charge of anything.

During public comment, Henry Budzinski said he wanted to add on to what Supervisor John Moyers said.  Budzinski said with some of the comments and the actions taken, that Supervisor Moyers talked about, he felt personally disrespected as a future member of the Board.  He thanked all the current Board members for their service and said all Board members should work together, as this is Highland County, not Washington, DC.  Budzinski said he was looking forward to working with Supervisor Harry Sponaugle and he asked to call on Supervisor David Blanchard and Supervisor John Moyers for information that he may need in the future.

Supervisor David Blanchard commented that mostly Boards vote in the affirmative on most items.  He said it was ok to disagree, but when you are on a Board, and a majority has voted, you should stand with the Board.  Supervisor Blanchard said he thought there was opportunity for that moving forward.

In January, the Board of Supervisors will be made up of returning Supervisor Harry Sponaugle and new members Henry Budzinski and Paul Trible.

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I’m Bonnie Ralston for Allegheny Mountain Radio news.

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