Highland County Fair Livestock Show Winners


The 63rd annual Highland County Fair included a Cattle & Goat Show, where young Highland County residents working in agriculture had the chance to compete with their animals in a number of categories.

  • Rhonda Obaugh won the Master Beef Showmanship award, with Tabitha Hiner placing second.
  • Sydney Armstrong was the winner of the Senior Beef Showmanship award for the 14-18 year olds, with Katie Amirault taking second place and Whitney Hunt placing third.
  • Alex Smith placed first in the Junior Beef Showmanship category and Will Thomas placed second.
  • In the Novice Beef Showmanship category, Caleb Hiner was the winner and Carly Thomas took second place.
  • In the Goat Showmanship competition, Rhonda Obaugh was the winner in the Senior category, with Allison Stump placing second and Rachel Amirault taking third place.
  • The Champion Market Steer award this year went to Katie Amirault. Amirault was also the winner of the Commercial Champion Heifer award in the Breeding Heifers competition. This year’s Champion Feeder Steer award went to Tabitha Hiner, and the Reserve Champion Feeder Steer award winner was Sydney Armstrong. In the Commercial Heifer Competition, Katie Amirault won the Senior Yearling Bred Heifer award, and Rhonda Obaugh placed first in the Junior Yearling Heifer competition.
  • This year’s Market Goat Champion award went to Rhonda Obaugh. Obaugh was also the Reserve Champion Goat award winner.

The Highland County Fair Hog and Sheep show was held on Thursday this year.

  • In the Hog Showmanship competition, Tabitha Hiner was the winner in the Master category.
  • Katie Amirault was the winner in the Senior division, with Avery Smith placing second and Burgundy Hicks taking third place.
  • Sydney Armstrong won the Junior Division, with Alex Smith placing second and Anna Armstrong taking third.
  • Cassie Mowry was the winner of the Novice Division.
  • In the Sheep Showmanship competition Tabitha Hiner won the Master Sheep Showmanship award, with Rhonda Obaugh placing second.
  • Zack Lindsay was the winner of the Senior Sheep Showmanship award for the 16-19 year olds, with Suzie Landrum taking second place and Burgundy Hicks placing third.
  • For the Senior Sheep Showmanship award in the 14-15 year old category, Allison Stump won first place, with Breanna Judy taking second place and Katie Amirault placing third.
  • Anna Armstrong placed first in the Junior Sheep Showmanship category, Caleb Hiner placed second, and Katelyn Hise placed third.
  • In the Novice Sheep Showmanship category, Kirsten Wood was the first place winner, Breanna Wilmer took second place, and Erica Ratcliffe took third place.
  • Alex Smith won the Market Hog Competition, and Avery Smith was the Reserve Champion Hog Award Winner.
  • In the Market Lamb Competition, Rhonda Obaugh was the Heavy Weight Champion Award Winner and Tabitha Hiner was the recipient of the Heavy Weight Reserve Champion Award. Hiner received the Medium Weight Champion Award, and Sydney Armstrong was the Medium Weight Reserve Champion Award winner. The Light Weight Champion Award went to Breanna Judy, and the Light Weight Reserve Champion Award went to Patricia Lindsay. Rhonda Obaugh won the Champion Pair of Market Lambs award, with Tabitha Hiner as the Reserve Champion Pair winner.
  • In the Market Lambs Open Show, Cayley Lightner received the award for Champion Market Lamb, with the Reserve Champion Market Lamb Award going to Chloe Lightner. In the Commercial Ewes Open Show, Zack Armstrong won the Champion Commercial Ewe Award.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Livestock Show at this year’s Highland County Fair.



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Megan Moriarty

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