Highland County Krenite S Spraying Begins August 23rd, 2010

Highland County, VA – The Virginia Dept of Transportation will be spraying Krenite S, an herbicide used for brush control, on several roads throughout the county August 23rd through September 3rd, 2010. Krenite S is Fosamine Ammonium and works by suppressing a plants ability to produce foliage. Effects of the spraying may not evident until next spring.

According to a fact sheet from Cornell University, the chemical is safe for fish and wildlife, but may cause minor irritation to eyes, nose, mouth or skin if exposed to the spray.

Krenite S will not be applied at locations where adjacent property owners object to its use. Property owners may call 1-800-367-7623.

Roadways to be Sprayed with Krenite S

Rt 640, from Rt 84 to Rt 640
Rt 637, from Rt 84 to Rt 250
Rt 642, from Rt 220 to Rt 642 (Blue Grass)
Rt 607, from Rt 220 to Rt 220
Rt 220, from Rt 605 to the Bath County Line
Rt 616, from Rt 250 to Rt 614
Rt 614, from Rt 250 to Rt 616
Rt 622, form Rt 623 to the West Virginia Line
Rt 623, from Rt 622 to Dead End
Rt 654, from Rt 618 to the West Virginia Line
Rt 620, from Rt 614 to the West Virginia Line
Rt 250, from Rt 616 to Rt 678
Rt 614, from Rt 250 to Rt 619
Rt 678, from Rt 609 to the Bath County Line

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Heather Niday

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