Highland County Maple Festival Debuts Pilot Shuttle Program in Monterey for First Saturday

New at the festival in 2024 will be a pilot program to help reduce traffic congestion on the first Saturday, March 9. B & L’s Mountain Safe Transportation will be providing a complimentary shuttle service. The shuttle plans to run from approximately 8:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday, March 9th only. Visitors can park for free at the Monterey Stockyard at 1367 Jackson River Road just south of Monterey off of Rt. 220. From there, a 12-14 passenger shuttle will transport visitors north up Rt. 220 with a drop off/pickup area at the entrance to the Monterey Pool at 78 Highland Park Drive so they can take the Community Trail to either the Highland County Public Schools or downtown Monterey. From there, the shuttle will travel to Spruce Street for a drop off/pickup area at The Highland Center at 61 Highland Center Drive in Monterey, and then continue on back to the Monterey Stockyard on a continuous loop. Complimentary parking at the Monterey Stockyard is first come, first served. No reservations are needed.


Festival Traffic Tip:


Sometimes, traffic can get congested going into Monterey during the Highland County Maple Festival. Though we feel it is well worth the wait for all the delicious food and amazing crafts, click here for an interactive Google Maps link to an alternate route that bypasses Monterey from Rt. 220 or Rt. 250 to take you on your way to more sugar camps and other points of interest.  These are rural country roads, so take your time and enjoy the scenery for safe travels for all.


Get even more details about the festival, from live entertainment with artists like Robin and Linda Williams to all the information you need to plan your own itinerary, at www.highlandcounty.org/maple-festival.


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