Highland County Museum Opens for Season March 12 – First Maple Festival Weekend

Hello, this is Lori Botkin with the Highland Historical Society.  Maple Festival is almost here and that means the Highland County Museum will be opening for the 2022 season.  Last August we unveiled the new Battle of McDowell Orientation Center.  The new exhibit includes not only the Battle of McDowell, but also African American history in Highland and war time disease in the area.  This is a must-see exhibit.

In commemoration of the 160th anniversary of the Battle of McDowell, one of our rotating exhibits will be Highland in the 19th Century.  This will feature items from our collection along with items loaned from local families.  We are excited to have a bowl that was hidden in the woods when the Union soldiers were in town and a Union pot left behind when they were chased from McDowell.

In the porch room, we are excited to bring you the Sarah Samples collection   Sarah was the charter member of the Historical Society and with the Museum from it’s beginning.   She served on the Board and was a docent until her passing in April of last year.  Sarah was an integral part of her church, the community and taught in Highland Schools for 33 years.  Sarah was a collector of antiques and we are privileged to have her entire invalid feeder collection, as well as some of her collectibles.

Come and see us during the Maple Festival.  We will be open Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm both weekends.  We will also have living history camps on the grounds of the Museum both weekends.

The Museum will open for the season on March 12.  Our regular hours are Thursday through Saturday 11am to 4pm.  For more information, please call 540-396-4478 or email at highlandhist@mgwnet.com or look for us on Facebook or at www.highlandcountyhistory.com

This has been Lori Botkin for Allegheny Mountain Radio.


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