Highland County Schools Keeping SOL Scores High

Monterey, VA – The end of the school year brings many special events and programs, not to mention [Virginia] Standards Of Learning testing. High school Principal Kelly Wilmore and Elementary School Principal Teresa Blum reported to the school board this week on the accomplishments and activities of their students. SOL test scores are starting to come in.

Mr. Wilmore reports to the board on some of those results starting with Math. He says of the 92 students taking the computer tests, 88 passed. He says he believes reading scores will also be very high, approaching 100%. Science scores should come in around 94% and social studies scores in the mid 90’s. Wilmore compliments both the students and their parents for the high scores.

The Junior class trip had to be moved to the start of the next school year due to scheduling conflicts. So next year’s Senior class will have their junior class trip early in the fall and then their senior trip in the spring.

During the past few weeks Mr. Wilmore has had some dress code issues with some of the high school girls, so he gave the board an update on new dress code rules. Shorts, skirts, dresses and other garments will have to reach to the knee.

Highland Elementary Principal Teresa Blum reports that the elementary school students also did very well on their SOL tests. She says the kids did very well in their reading program as well.

“Our accelerated reader field trip honored twenty-three students who earned not only the correct amount of points they had to have to go on the trip, but they had to have 85% or better accuracy on the test” says Blum.

She says the number of students was up from last years’ total of 17 students. They went to a book fair, saw a private showing of “How To Train Your Dragon” and had lunch at a local pizza restaurant.

There was also a security breech of the school’s computer network, when a student attempted to gain access to user id’s and passwords. The student’s access to school computers was suspended and they were warned that any further violations could lead to criminal prosecution and expulsion from school.

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