Highland County Volunteer Rescue Squad Files Suit Against Highland County Board of Supervisors

Attorney for the Highland County Volunteer Rescue Squad, Jordan K. Bowman, Esquire of Litten & Sipe in Harrisonburg released the following statement to local media on April 23, 2024:

“For over 60 years, the members of the Highland County Volunteer Rescue Squad have been
honored to provide emergency medical services throughout the County.
The Volunteers were extremely disappointed with the action by the Board of Supervisors
on April 11 revoking their authority to operate in the County. The Board violated state law
concerning the regulation of emergency medical services and failed to provide the community with
a meaningful opportunity to provide input before taking action.

Earlier today, the Volunteers filed a lawsuit requesting that the Board’s decision be declared
void due to numerous legal deficiencies. The Volunteers have also asked for a preliminary
injunction that will allow them to resume operations while the lawsuit is pending. Otherwise, the
emergency medical services available in the County will likely be insufficient in circumstances
where a slight delay may mean the difference between life and death.

Over the course of a half-century, the Volunteers have formed valued relationships from
helping friends and neighbors who suddenly find themselves in a time of urgent need. The
Volunteers hope that today’s filings represent the first step towards resuming a vital role in the
community that has spanned generations.”

Click here for full Press Statement

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Brit Chambers

Brit Chambers is a resident of Highland County, Virginia and a news reporter for Allegheny Mountain Radio. She loves living in a small town and relishes the outdoor adventures and community feeling that Highland has to offer. Brit has a background in journalism, marketing, and public relations and spends her free time reading good books, baking sourdough bread, and hiking with her family.

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