Highland County’s Photography Contest


There’s nothing quite like getting a postcard in the mail. Famous for their association with travel, postcards are a way of saying, “Wish you were here,” but they’re also a representation of the place they were sent from. With the hope of representing the area in a new way, the Highland County Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Photography Contest. The winning photographs will be included in a new collection of postcards.

Renee Vandevender, who works at the Chamber of Commerce, said that a lot of tourists have been requesting them. “It was also something that was discussed with the board, and they felt postcards would be good for the county. People can take them with them and say, ‘Hey! Look where I was!’ and then maybe something will appeal to a friend, and maybe they’ll want to come to the county. We have a collection of old postcards. They’re pretty outdated, and we’re excited to get some new ones.”

Photo contest posterThe contest is open to all Highland county residents and property owners. According to Renee, the contest is broken up into four categories. “There’s Landscape and Scenic (LDS), Livestock and Wildlife (LVW). And then there’s Events (EVT), like the Fair, Maple Festival, and Historic Buildings and Landmarks (HBL).”

Each entrant can submit up to 3 photos per category, with a maximum of 12 submissions per person. “All photos should be high resolution. They’re submitted in digital .jpeg format. And they should be emailed to highcc@cfw.com with “Photo Contest” in the subject line.”

“There will be one photograph chosen per category. If your pictures are chosen, they will become postcards and represent the county. There will be prizes given. You can receive free membership to the Chamber for a year. You can get a $50 gift certificate to the online photography service of your choice, like Shutterfly or Snapfish. And then winning photographs are also posted on our website.”

For a full list details on how to submit, contact the Highland County Chamber of Commerce at 540-468-2550. The deadline is August 15th, and winners will be chosen August 18, 2014.



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