Highland Mid-Kids Radio Club Interviews Highland Sheriff

“Hello, my name is Mikhail Franklin. I’m with the Highland Mid-Kids Radio Club. Today we are interviewing newly elected Highland County Sheriff Bob Kelly. Thank you for coming today Sheriff Kelly, could you tell us about yourself?”

“Yes, I am Bob Kelly – lived in Highland County all my life, I live in Mill Gap. Born and raised on farm, I was a farmer and a mechanic before I became a deputy. Married, I have a daughter. She has two children, so I’m a grandfather. It’s really nice. She lives in Montana, it’s a long ways away, but always good to have grandchildren.”

“Hello, my name is Mason Sweeney. How long have you been law enforcement and why did you choose that career?”

“I started in law enforcement in 1986. And to be truthful, the reason why I wanted to be is, I didn’t want to leave Highland County and I had to find a job that paid, and paid the bills. But I learned to enjoy it and love it. And it’s been a great career – I really enjoy it.”

“Hello, my name is Addison Lockridge. Why did you want to run for Sheriff?”

“Being a deputy Sheriff for 21 years I just grew into the job and I love, I love helping people. And as Sheriff I could implement my passions and my desires and my plans that I’ve had and thought about for years and that is why I really wanted to become Sheriff.”

“How is the Sheriff’s office involved with the school system?”

“Well, in several ways. First and foremost is Sheriff’s office supplies an SRO, School Resource Officer. I was a D.A.R.E. officer at this school for seven years. We also have the responsibility of protecting you all, and making sure that you all arrive safely, and also the faculty and teachers. So protection is our main job – protecting you all.”

“What are some things you hope to accomplish while you’re Sheriff?

“My plan is to get better at what we do. And that is fighting crime, solving crimes. I really want to work hard on the drug crimes in the county and try to eliminate them – we’ll never get rid of it. Also, to get better at serving and helping you all do whatever you ask of us.”

“Thank you again for joining us today. This has been the Highland Mid-Kids Radio Club for Allegheny Mountain Radio.”

Story By

Scott Smith

Scott Smith is the General Manager for Allegheny Mountain Radio and Station Coordinator and News Reporter for WVLS. Scott’s family has deep roots in Highland County. While he did not grow up here, he spent as much time as possible on the family farm, and eventually moved to Highland to continue the tradition, which he still pursues with his cousin. Unfortunately, farming doesn’t pay all the bills, so he has previously taken other jobs to support his farming hobby, including pressman/writer for The Recorder, and Ag Projects Coordinator for The Highland Center. He lives in Hightown with wife Michelle and son Ethan. In his spare time, he wishes he had more spare time, especially to ride his prized Harley-Davidson motorcycle. scott@amrmail.org

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