Highland Students Going to Dominican Republic on 4-H Service Trip – Part 2


This is part two of our story on the 4-H service trip to the Dominican Republic this summer.   Two Highland County students are going, Cash Chambers and Mary Anne Rogers.

Ben Hindman, the 4-H Youth Development Agent in Bath and Highland Counties, will also be on the trip.

“So, I heard about this through the Virginia State 4-H organization,” says Hindman.  “This is something that in the past has been limited to youth from Shenandoah County and mainly the Allegheny Highlands area, but this year they’ve opened it up to youth from across the state and we’re promoting this project for kids across the state.  So, I’m really excited that not only are Cash and Mary Anne from Highland joining us, we’ll have several kids from Allegheny County and Shenandoah County, as well as Loudon County, Henrico County, Montgomery County, Wise and Accomack County, I believe.  So, we do have a diverse group of kids from across the state and I’m really excited to bring them all together for this opportunity.”

The students will be working with Dominican teens to hold a day camp for local children.  The students will also be doing service work at an environmental center and, also, in the local community.

Cash Chambers is one of the two Highland County students going.  He is in the 9th grade at Highland High School.

“I really do like the Caribbean and I like the area,” says Chambers.  “I’ve been to Costa Rica before and that was a lot of fun.   And, also, I do like just traveling.  Going to another country has always been fun, to see the different environment and the weather, I like warmer weather.”

“I have done service stuff, but not internationally,” says Chambers. “I know basic Spanish.  I’m in Spanish I this year, so I might understand, like, bits and pieces of stuff, but not a ton.  So, yes, that would probably be a challenge for me.”

There is a fundraiser for this trip, planned for Saturday, June 3.

“It costs about $2,000 per individual to participate in this trip, so we are trying to fundraise as much of that as possible,” says Hindman.  “On the 3rd, behind Big Fish Cidery, we will be working with Pearl’s Pizza to do some wood fired pizza for anyone who is interested.  The supplies are being donated by Michael’s Pizza in Covington and Clifton Forge.  We will be set up from 2pm to 7pm.   We’re planning to make about 200 pizza doughs and we are trying to sell out.  We’ll have 14-inch pies available starting at $15 per pie.  We hope to see you there.  I know that Kirk plans to be selling cider.  We will have drinks and water available, so come on out and help support these kids.”

The 4-H service trip to the Dominican Republic is July 25 through August 1.

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