Highland Supervisors Don’t See Eye To Eye On Rezoning Request

Monterey, Va – Even after discussions at two meetings the Highland County Board of Supervisors could not agree on a zoning change request from Sherry Sullenberger. Board Chairman Robin Sullenberger did not attend this meeting and could not have voted if he was present because the application for zoning change was made by his wife Sherry. Ms. Sullenberger is seeking a zoning change for property near the corner of Rt. 250 and Myers Moon Road on the east side of Monterey.

Her stated intention is to develop this property for various commercial enterprises including a grocery store. With only two Supervisors eligible to vote on the issue, they will have to come to an agreement for the matter to move forward.
Supervisor David Blanchard has some concerns about this rezoning.

“I want it to be clear that I am for a grocery store in the county” he says. “And I’d also like to make sure that people understand the process that I’ve been going through with this; it’s not something that I take lightly. It is something that I take very seriously and I’m trying to make it fit, I’m trying to be consistent and the decisions that I make on this in relationship to other decisions that I’ve made on other rezoning applications.”

He goes on with more details of his thoughts on the matter.

“I don’t want people to think that I’m just making a haphazard decision and not giving it some time that I believe that it deserves” says Blanchard. “I backed up on this and looked at a B1 zoning which directly allows a grocery store, however, throws a whole bunch of things in the conditional use column, which provides some protection for the adjoining residences there.”

Supervisor Rexrode then follows with a question about Mr. Blanchard’s proposal.

“Well now, if you go to B1, there is a difference between B1 and B2” says Rexrode. “If that’s what you’re looking at, we probably have to have a good work session because you may be spot zoning under B1; we have no B1 adjoining. We’ll have to discuss that with legal counsel.”

Next, Ms. Sullenberger responds.

“I know David, you’ve made the comment publicly and to me you have some concerns about B2 and the things that can’t happen in B2; what concerns you more than anything is the sheet metal shop” says Sullenberger. “And I pointed out to David there is nothing keeping anyone from purchasing Ernie’s lot on the corner or any other business location in the Town of Monterey, and putting in a sheet metal shop.”

No vote was taken on this matter and the Supervisors scheduled a work session with Ms. Sullenberger on this rezoning question for Wednesday May 11 at 4 PM. The Board has 90 days to make a decision on this rezoning request.

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