Highland’s Young Adult Art Show

You can always find artwork on display in the Mountain View Room of the Highland County Public Library.  Renee Vandevander coordinated the most recent exhibition.

“We have photography, painting, drawings,” Vandevander said. “There are fourteen pieces. It’s a very varied show. Everyone has their own style.”

What brings this varied collection of artwork together is the fact that it was all produced by Highland County artists who are in their twenties and thirties.

“We have a group called Second Winds here, and it’s an older group who does art. We have a younger group who are high school age/elementary school age. And we really don’t have a middle group, so the idea sprung from that. I felt that the group not being represented was the 20-39.”

The lack of art opportunities for people ages 20-39 speaks to how scarce this age group is in the region.

“The people who are here are either in school or retired, and the population of young adults is dwindling because there’s not a lot of work back here. A lot of people move on after graduation. So for the few of us that are still back here, it’s kind of nice to recognize who we are and see what we have in common.”

Apart from the age category, the art submission requirements were fairly open.

“We have some portraits, both in pencil and oil pastel. We have photography; one of the artists put in photography mostly of plant life, and the other photographer did a time-lapse photo of our Ferris wheel at the Highland County fair.”

“I just wanted a piece that was relatively recent, done within a few years. I wanted just a piece that you could be proud of, that represented who you were and what kind of art you did, and everyone came through. It was a good show.”

The Highland Library is located on N. Water Street in Monterey. They’re open 9-5 Mondays & Fridays, 9-8 Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9-noon Wednesdays, and 9-3 on Saturdays. This collection of artwork will be on display through the second week of July.

Because people in their twenties and thirties fall under one of the most under populated age groups in the area, this collection of artwork is one way to bring them together.

“It’s very interesting to see everyone’s unique styles.”

Renee Vandevander would like to organize another art show for young adults. She can be reached at the Highland County Chamber of Commerce at 540-468-2550.

Story By

Megan Moriarty

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