Jack and Davis Reid Perform in McDowell August 19


The Stonewall Ruritan Club is presenting Jack and Davis Reid in concert on Saturday, August 19.  Jack is the son of Wil Reid of Wilson Fairchild and the grandson of Harold Reid of The Statler Brothers.   Davis is the son of Langdon Reid of Wilson Fairchild and the grandson of Don Reid of The Statler Brothers.  With strong family musical roots, they’ve now put together their own band.

“My name is Jack Reid and I sing lead and I play guitar,” says Jack.  “And my name is Davis Reid and I play the keyboard and I sing harmony,” says Davis.   “We have a bass player, his name is Dalton Crawford,” says Jack.  “And we have a drummer whose name is Jim Hall,” says Davis.

“We’ve always loved music our whole lives,” says Jack.  “We’ve grown up watching our dads play.  I always wanted to when I was little and I remember I started playing guitar when I was really little. And then I finally talked him into doing it and now he’s playing better than I can.  So, that’s when it all got started.  We’ve only been traveling around for about a year.”

Jack and Davis Reid perform at the Stonewall Ruritan Building in McDowell on Saturday, August 19, from 6 to 8pm.  Doors open at 5pm and food sales also begin at 5pm.

“We promise you’ll be entertained and we promise it’ll be loud,” says Jack.  “It might not be good, but it’ll be really loud.  We’re just kidding.  We really love meeting all you all and we have a really loyal fan base and it’s an action packed show.  It’s not just music.  We entertain and it’s a full two hours of what you’re getting your money’s worth for.”

music cut – Country Groove written by Jack Reid

“You learn so much the first time you hit the stage and then every night after that,” says Jack. “There’s more business in it than anybody realizes and don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love it, but there’s more in to it than just putting on your guitar and going on stage, we’ve learned.”

“You also learn your sound and finding, you know, just kind of get in your pocket with your music and figuring out what you like to hear,” says Davis.  “That’s the fun part, is what we love, is arranging the music and making it sound so pretty for everybody to hear.”

“I’ve also learned I wanted to spend less time with Davis when I got back home,” says Jack.

Advance tickets for Jack and Davis Reid are $15 and are available through August 12, at Grant’s Grocery in McDowell and from Stonewall Ruritan Club members.

Tickets at the door are $20.

“We want to thank everyone for making it possible for us to come and play music,” says Davis.  “We like to think of our music as a getaway for other people.  If anybody is stressed out and they are going through hard stuff, for them to come and watch us play music, we hope it helps them relax and be entertained and laugh.”

“And if you like country music, I highly suggest coming because we do all kinds of country music,” says Jack.  “It’s not just family songs.  We do like two or three songs, four songs, that we wrote.  We love going everywhere and, so far, most people seem to like it.  It’s just a really good country show and we hope to see everybody there.”

For more information, on Facebook visit Stonewall Ruritan Club or Jack and Davis Reid Music.


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