Kitten Season


The Highland County Humane Society currently has about thirty available cats and kittens. And according to Corena Huffman, several of them are named after musicians.


Stevie Nicks

“One is KC and one is Sunshine,” Huffman said. “We have some coming later this week that are named after country music greats such as Patsy Cline, June Carter, Johnny Cash, Tom Hall. I ended up naming the Fleetwood Mac litter after all of Fleetwood Mac, so one is Fleetwood, one is Mac, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie.”

“Stevie has a little bit of vertigo and vestibular disease, so he’s a little wobbly and has a head tilt. He came that way so I assume that he was born that way, and he’ll be a special needs adoption. But he is super energetic and a daredevil [with] lots of personality.”

“Then we have an older cat named Colette who’s solid black and she’s had all her vet care. She’s previously been indoor/outdoor. She would really love just to be someone’s lap cat. She’s a really nice older cat, probably between four and five years old. Really, really sweet, very, very affectionate, and likes to be held and carried around.”

All of the available cats can be found on the website, Most of the cats are living in what Huffman calls ‘the foster cat house,’ which is at her place in Monterey.

“The kitten season in rural Virginia here is delayed a bit, and so now is our more busy time, June and July, as opposed to early spring for most areas as far as the kitten season goes. Right now we do have a lot of young kittens and also young adult cats for adoption. There’s also the option to foster and that’s greatly needed as well. It can be a spare room or we have some kitty towers we can loan out or large dog crates. We supply all the vet care, litter, and food. And it’s kind of fun to socialize and play with and entertain the kittens, and they’re also entertaining as well.”



During kitten season, the Highland County Human Society offers an ‘adopt one, get one’ program. “That applies to either getting two kittens at one time, or an older cat and a kitten, just so they have a friend. We have a couple of young adults, some that are middle-age adults, one or two senior cats, and then probably 15-18 young kittens that are anywhere from four weeks up to twelve weeks of age.”

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering a cat, you can contact Corena Huffman at 540-908-9152. Her email is

“A lot of people find that if they just come to the Cat Room and kind of see what kind of connection they have with cats or kittens that they’re interested in,” Huffman said. “It kind of is a good time for them to try out the personalities and see which cat or kitten leans towards going home with them.”

“We do take in cats and kittens from Highland County, of course, but we do try to help our neighboring counties when they have animals in their pound or their rescue groups that need help. So as we find space or have extra fosters, we can help more animals in the surrounding counties and listening area.”

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Megan Moriarty

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